Monday, 27 April 2015

The Scales Are Not Your Friend [Wellness Post]

By now you will know that I am a person who has always been into health, wellness and fitness. My blog will always take quotes or have posts solely dedicated to health, wellness or fitness. 
Last year around this time you will have seen me crack down a little to get some excess weight off.. In which I am glad to see 20kgs has been dropped of this Mumma! There is still plenty more to come off but for now I am happy with where I am heading. 

If you follow me on social media then you'll see lots of foodie pictures, gym selfies etc 
Every day I go into the gym I will take a gym selfie simply because I am loving the way I am looking and loving these positive changes that are happening in my body through my healthier lifestyle. 

Recently I put myself into the Maxine's Shape Up Challenge and it isn't exactly working out for me. 
Not that I am giving up and calling the quits but it's just not my sort of lifestyle. I am not as strict on myself as I should be when it comes to eating, which is a flaw and I know I need to work on but the thing with Maxine's Shape Up Challenge is with the meal plans - I'm a big fruit and vegetable lover. 
I like an array of foods not just having an apple as a piece of fruit, I cram a million different fruits into a morning smoothie or have every color in the rainbow on my plate for vegetables. I like being able to have pastas and eat muesli for breakfast so that's where I was like this challenge isn't working for me. 

Obviously the menu plan and workout plans provided by Maxine's Shape Up Challenge are for base and to use as a guide. Eventually I do want to be on those 'hardcore' diets like was in the meal plan but for now it's not me and how I do clean eating diets. 

Lately I have been jumping on the scales and not seeing any movement on the numbers which was really ticking me off because I have been training practically every day lately and have really stepped up the 'beast mode' in my workouts BUT I have noticed massive differences in my body when I look in the mirror and in my clothing with how lose they are so it really goes to show that the scales are not your friend.

I usually train at night time because this is when it suits me best. I'll get home from work, relax with Niah for a little bit then it's time to start making dinner, have dinner, bath Niah, put Niah to bed and I'm usually out the door within 20 minutes of getting her down to go to the gym. 
As much as I would like to go to the gym in the mornings I wouldn't get to see Niah for that hour and a half that we are usually up together so I'd prefer to just train when she is in bed asleep and I'm not giving up any of my time with her. 

People have started making comments saying 'Your insane' in both good and bad ways. My response to both comments:
Good: Thank you, I know. My motivation drive is just so up there at the moment and in order to get the body I want then I need to be as committed as I am.
Bad: No, it's not a bad thing that I train everyday - I'm not running myself down. I know my body's limits and if I feel like I need a break to rest my body then I will, I'm not stupid. If I don't feel sore or tired then why should I have a rest? 

Like for instance last night I was feeling sore, my arms were hurting and same as my calves so I took the night off from gym and gave myself some DIY pampering, now I'm recovered and ready to go again. 

One thing that has been such a massive change for me though is not looking at gym as a thing to do on my list and having to think about going to gym in sometimes a contemplating way. 
Going to the gym daily now is just habit, it's routine and something I just do now. 

Focus on your own grind and things will fall into place. You just to need to soldier on and give your all into what you want. 'Nothing changes nothing' Find that motivation within yourself and go do it! 
Don't let others who can't keep up with you try to bring you down because they're not on your level. Sometimes I wish I could transfer some of my positive energy and motivation to them so they know how rewarding it feels but then I think, No - I did this own my own, I wanted this and went out and got it so they need to find that themselves as well. 
The ones who are strong enough will stay in it and keep at it but those who aren't will fall back and quit and need starting again. Don't quit - don't give up on yourself. 

I'll finish off this post with saying 'Happiness Lives Here'.
You may have seen this in my hashtag's on social media along with many tags along the lines of happiness and positiveness. Well, that's whats happening in my life right now. I am happy with where I am at, I'm the key to what my future holds and how my life will pan out. 

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