Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dove Pure Deodorant

I introduce you the new Dove Pure Deodorant.
A fragrance-free antiperspirant specifically designed for sensitive skin.

As a person who was born with sensitive skin and struggles to stop reactions from products hearing and experiencing Dove's Pure Deodorant has given me relief of those irritated armpits I would get.

Dove Pure contains:
NO fragrance
NO parabens
NO colourants
NO alcohol

All the above things are the most common causes of irritations to people from most deodorants.

The thing I loved most and what seems to be a major problem for me with most deodorants is they are so strongly fragranced they mask my perfume.
Dove Pure has been my solution as it does not mask my perfume at all.

Dove Pure is available in an 100g aerosol can which is RRP: $5.25 and in a 50ml roll on RRP: $3.89.
Dove Pure is available at all good grocery and pharmacy stores.

Not only have I been the tester of this but so has my partner Daniel who swears by using Dove Pure now.
Daniel loves that it doesn't leave white marks under his armpits. As we all know guys aren't shavers for that area and there would be nothing worse then seeing white hairs in those pits.

For more information on the Dove range please view:

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