Thursday, 28 February 2013

Boss Day

Today was the day I finally grew the courage to go and tell my bosses that Im 12 and half weeks pregnant.
I got a little teary as I was telling my main boss as I feared that reaction that would come but they both handled it well and I was very surprised.
They amazed me with the good words.
Now it's time to think of when I want to go on maternity leave and how long ill have off.
What have you all had off and do you think it was adequate enough time?

My food intake is still a bit weird. I feel like I'm going backwards with the sick feeling and eating :(
Does anyone have good pregnancy food tip or good pregnancy meals?
Tonight for dinner was some potato chips and that's really not good at all.

My belly is actually starting to pop out and those who know have made some comments also so I definitely was in need of telling my bosses about my pregnancy.


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