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DeLonghi Dehumidifiers

Is Your House Sick?
DéLonghi Dehumidifiers THE cure for excess humidity in your home 

Does your home environment ever make you feel ill, irritable, tight in the chest or uncomfortable? You figure there’s something in the air that’s making your household sick? You’re probably right!

According to the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, A third of the population suffer from allergies (i.e. pollen and dustmites), which can be made worse by environmental issues in the home, including excess humidity. More than just creating health implications, excess humidity can also lead to condensation, mould and costly water damage.

Whilst Australia has experienced its warmest year on record so far, and with predictions rife for a hot summer, protecting the health and safety of your family and home has never been more important. A must-have appliance for every season, the DéLonghi Dehumidifier range focuses on comfort and convenience and offers four distinct products, including; DD30P (RRP: $549), DDS30COMBO (RRP: $449), DDS25 (RRP: $399), DES16EW (RRP: $329).

All models come equipped with electronic controls, 2 – 3 fan speed, Rotary Compressors, Double Condensate Draining Systems and an Adjustable Humidistat. Other functions unique to the individual products, include; a Pump featured on the (DD30P) allows condensate to be vertically pumped up and out over window sills, ideal for cellars, a laundry function (DDS30COMB, DDS25) - providing the ability to dry laundry, fast - dust filter (DD30P, DDS30COMBI), antibacterial filter (DDS25, DES16EW), PTC Heating Element (DDS30COMBI) and a wall mounting feature (DES16EW).

The Dehumidifiers are designed to collect moisture in the air before passing it through a cooling unit where it is then converted into water droplets. Whilst the water droplets are stored in a tank which can be removed through a hose or drain, the dehumidified air is then reheated (through a heating unit) and pumped back into the room as dry air.

Think your house might be sick? You could be at risk if:
  • Your house is positioned with minimal exposure to natural light and poor to no ventilation 
  • It is exposed to rainfall (increases mould, condensation and dust mites)
  • There is visible water damage on floors and other furnishings 
  • Your housemates are suffering from respiratory problems/allergies
  • Your clothes often feel damp/it takes a long time to dry your clothes


Did you know dust mites and mould thrive in warm, humid environments are one of the main triggers of Asthma and allergies in Australia? DéLonghi Dehumidifiers are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s (NAC) Sensitive Choice® program, supporting asthma and allergy care. 

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