Sunday, 6 October 2013

REVIEW: Walnut Melbourne Peg Straw & Multi Ballet Flats

Value... I have never had a pair of flats that I could say were value to their price tag. Although I did not pay for these shoes as they were sent out for reviewing I would definitely pay the price of these Walnut Melbourne babies.

These Peg Straw & Multi ballet flats are a gorgeous pair of shoes ready for those feet to start showing some skin for spring and summer days. 

I put these shoes to the test for the past 2 months and have been very happy with them! 
I wore these through being heavily pregnant and having swollen feet and they felt amazing - they stretched with my feet and didn't make me have to go into a bigger shoe size which I thought I would of had to. I can tell that they've stretched as the pair I was constantly wearing when heavily pregnant as I loved the brown/tan color are too big for my feet now and always come loose around my foot when walking in them due to my swollen pregnant feet. 

Another thing that I have found is after wearing them probably 5 days a week when I go out - they do not smell! 
We all have problems with stinky feet at times and it's our feet sweating into the shoe and then it's the dreaded sink in your head when you have to take your shoes off for something. 
My Walnut's have not held an odour at all through the 2 months so that I am very impressed with!

Have you ever worn a brand new pair of shoes and not gotten blisters or sores on your toes? I never have until Walnut shoes embraced my feet. 
I even wore band aids to try prevent blisters from occurring (not that band aids ever work but it's more for a comforting thought) and I had nothing, no blisters and no sores from day one. 

For a touch of easy summer style, Peg is the perfect style to pack for dreamy summer holidays. Paired with flowing summer frocks or linen pants, Peg is the quintessential summer ballet flat.

Leather lining and breathable woven fabric ensures they are comfortable in warm weather while leather edging, heal tabs and toe detailing allow ease of use and movement.

The Peg Straw & Multi ballet flats are available in 4 different colors as shown below.

Peg Straw and Multi ballet flats are available nationally.

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  1. Great review! Loving the colours.


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