Sunday, 20 October 2013

REVIEW: Dr. Hauschka Pure Cover Stick

Dr. Hauschka Pure Cover Stick - RRP - $33
Available in 3 shades: 01 Natural, 02 Beige and 03 Sand.

Never had I heard of Dr. Hauschka and the amazing benefits that are put into an everyday product. As you all know I was never using a concealer or cover sticks etc I was only a basic foundation girl and would apply extra over the top to cover those problem areas.

If it wasn't for blogging I would have never experienced and known the benefits of using Dr. Hauschka's Pure Cover Stick and thankfully it came across into my hands.

Towards the end of pregnancy and now post pregnancy when my hormones are getting themselves back to normal I find I am breaking out and have so many blemishes on my face and not to mention the breakout areas on my chin and my forehead now. 
I have never been a person to get many pimples but it just seems that I am now doomed with the years worth of them in one hit on my chin right now. 
My foundations that I used just don't cut it and get the coverage I really need. With Pure Care Cover Stick I apply this over the top with the lipstick like stick wand and apply my foundation over the top. I don't rub it in at all just dab it over my wanted area and then overcoat it with my foundation. 
Sometimes I will need to give it another go to provide that full coverage for those marks that are really dark but it does provide a good cover up.

First pic - natural clear skin.
Second pic - Dr. Hauschka Pure Cover Stick application.
Third pic - Foundation applied on top.
I love that with this cover stick you don't have to touch it like other concealers/cover sticks, its just a rub on like a lipstick/lip gloss and doesn't give you grubby fingers having to apply. 
It is very compact to slip into those little clutches when you are out on the town or even if you don't have a clutch/purse - it can be easy enough to slide into your bra ;P 

Tea tree oil is one of my favourite scents (I know that's not what someone usually says but I truly do love it). Tea tree oil is good for so many things and I have always been a user of pure tea tree oil on my breakout areas so to have this put into a cover stick it's a win - my cover stick is helping me cover the breakouts and prevent the breakouts!

The texture of this cover stick is just perfect it's not to thin that it doesn't cover and it's not to thick that it stands out through your foundation. It's a perfectly soft, easily spreadable and light feeling cover.

Pure Care Cover Stick conceals and reduces the appearance of blemishes, irregularities and imperfections. A powerful combination of tea tree and manuca essential oils work to minimise blemishes while extracts of anthyllis and calendula encourage healthy skin regeneration. A base of mineral pigments and antioxidant oils and plant waxes soothes and protects against flaking. Absorbent tapioca starch from cassave root prevents shine and provides a smooth finish.

Pure Care Cover Stick conceals blemishes while soothing and supporting the skin’s natural processes of renewal.

Skin can become imbalanced for a variety of reasons, including hormonal shifts, stressful conditions and a change of climate or season. Pure Care Cover Stick offers highly effective skin care that hides small imperfections while calming and nurturing.

Formulation: Pure Care Cover Stick combines nurturing botanical extracts with moisture-retaining precious oils and waxes to support skin clarity. Tea Tree and Manuka oils reduce the appearance of blemishes while extracts of Rose Petal, Calendula, Carrot and Anthyllis visibly reduce redness. Natural mineral pigments blend and conceal for an even complexion.

A cover stick/concealer that contains good stuff for your skin and can help your skin like Dr. Hauschka's, is the bees knees of cover sticks in the cosmetics world!!

I wear 02 beige and as you can see from my swatch it blends a treat!


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