Monday, 7 October 2013

One Month in...

I cannot believe a month has flown by already as of last Thursday. 

Motherhood has been really good to me and I believe Daddyhood has been good for Dan too. 
She has tested us a few times but together we always get through it but mostly she has been perfect.
Niahbella is so placid and chilled. She's so advanced - we check what she should be doing by the average baby and she's ahead of it! She's already smiling with us when we play sillies and started that as of 3 weeks - when I tell people they say no, it's wind.... I'm sorry but you haven't seen the difference like we have! That's not her wind face!!

On a rant level - I am completely sick of people telling me what I should be doing and assuming how I am feeling. The one line I hate 'It get's better'... Did I ever complain and say I'm having a shit mum hood and she doesn't let me sleep and I can't cope etc etc??
NOT AT ALL! Never!! I am coping really well even better then how I thought I would be. 
Maybe it's my experience and knowledge from being the eldest in the family and helping mum out with all the younger siblings or maybe its from working in childcare for 3 years... or maybe it's just natural and in my blood ;P
And when it comes to people telling me what I should be doing with Niahbella or how things should be done... please don't tell me like you know my daughter and what's right for her... I am a mother too now and I know my daughter better then anyone so I do the things I do for a reason and I know things you may not know about babies because you never got to experience them or whatever.. 

I am thankful for those people who are just giving me advice but there are a few people out there that want to tell me instead of just advising me. We are different, our babies are all different and we will all experience different things and we need to be able to share our stories and experiences not tell people this is how it's done and this is what you have to do! 

I think thats all I need to rant about... Ahh I'm glad thats off my chest.

Niahbella sleeps generally during the day between 3-4 hours and then nights its between 3-5hours mainly more between the 4-5hr range, maximum of twice a night for us. 
I had a night the other night where I was just so tired that I found myself having a little sigh and pretend cry as I just couldn't keep my eyes open and she wouldn't latch on for feeding but then I had my support Dan there and just the touch of his hand on my arm whilst he was half asleep let me know that I could do this and just wake up your baby needs you.

Breastfeeding has been fine for me.. It's bizzare how the breasts tell you when it's feed time by getting sore, feeling tingles in the nipple and by how hard and warm the breast goes... feels like you have an implant in there!!
I found myself being a little hoarder of my expressed breast milk and would try to not use it unless I have to by not being with Niahbella and even by then I would say to whoever looks after Niahbella that to only give her so much... but that phase has passed now in terms of how much Niahbella can have but I still look in the freezer and go ohh only so much is left. 
I think the reason I felt that way was because I don't really like expressing as it's time consuming and boring to be honest haha! And seriously where do you find the time? You feed the baby, try to get some housework done or try to take a nap with bubs or organize your meals or have some of your own downtime and bam next thing you know baby is up again for a feed.. I don't want to feel like it's feed baby and then express, feed baby and then express...

The washing in this household... OMG! Never ending... the dirty washing pile just seems like it's constantly there everyday!! I wash a load and then have to do another and another and another.. I can't keep up with it at times, it's so insane! 
You'll change bubs and then she throws up and then you change her again or she'll throw up on your clothes or she'll throw up on the sheets, grot clothes and sometimes if you're really unlucky she'll have a poo explosion and soak her clothes and at times goes through to the sheet underneath her... It's a real big never ending chore now. 

Going out is completely different now... You can't just race down to the shops in 5 mins.. you need at least 2 hours to get yourself organised... Do you have the baby feed to ensure she is happy to just chilax around in the pram and not get upset coz she's hungry, pack a nappy bag ensuring you have everything and then get yourself ready... it doesn't take my half hour to an hour anymore. 


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