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A Mothers Day Look with Benefit Cosmetics + Review

Benefit Cosmetics has been a long time cosmetic favourites that I have wanted to collect every single product piece they have out to add to my cosmetics collection.
The reason why I love Benefit Cosmetics is because they make using cosmetics so much more easier - they have a product piece for every little thing you need to create your look.

Although Benefit Cosmetics have a bit of a price tag to them you can tell that you are putting your hard earned money into quality makeup. Prior to doing this Mother's Day look I only had a few little samples of some of the range, a little kit and a high brow pencil (which is something I truly cherish because I would love to get a brow lift one day and this is helping me achieve that until I can afford to get one ahah!).


Lollitint - RRP *$55 for 12.5mL*
Candy-orchid tint treats lips & cheeks to a “pop” of dreamy sweetness. It’s the flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle…and its smudge-proof, smooch-proof color lasting from am to pm. Talk about stain power!
Lollitint is the newest cheek & lip stain addition to the Benefit Cosmetics family with it's light pale pink colouring, this is a perfect shade for all ladies! It's definitely something different for me using liquid as a blush/highlighter on my cheeks, I have used a liquid bronzer before but that was many years ago when I wasn't aware of what I was doing.

The lollitint does come out look purple to start with when you apply onto your cheeks or lips but don't be alarmed or fooled, as it settles into your skin as more of a light pale pink.
I like having a bronzer on so for me using lollitint on my cheeks was more for at the top of my bronzer, where the eye socket bone kind of is. As you can see in my picture above on the left where I would apply this - it's a very soft delicate colour and just the perfect blend in.

Then being this amazing multi-use product you can apply it to your lips as well. Featured in my picture above on the right is a picture with the lollitint and without for comparison. Lollitint not only gave my lips a stained pink shade it made them look more plump as well, I don't know if that's what it's also meant to do but that's what happened with me. Although the full stain colour didn't stay for the whole day for me as it said it should I really do think I have fallen in lip with lip stains now - I'm not much of a lipstick wearing person because of how easily it comes off and because I hate leaving marks on my daughter who gets smooched all the time from me! Lollitint is also great for being a lip product that doesn't mark and come out during those make out sessions haha!

They're Real! Mascara - *RRP $38*
They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!

To be honest when I first used They're Real! I didn't see the hype about what everyone was on about because... I wasn't applying it properly! Now that I have gotten some expert tips from the Benefit Cosmetics team I have that false lash look going on with my own lashes! 
The key things to remember when applying They're Real! is - Position wand horizontally - wiggle from side to side, base to tip. Position wand vertically now - stroke up and down which helps to separate the lashes and give them a little bit of a curl. Always have the wand vertically to get into those little corner lashes to give real definition to your lashes!

As you can see above in the pictures when my eyes are closed they are a very dramatic black that give the look of false lashes. Now that I know how to best do my lashes with They're Real! mascara I don't think I could purchase anything other then Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara for my lashes. 

Big Beautiful Eyes - *RRP $59*
This portable kit is all you need to conceal, contour and line your eyes like a pro. Included brushes and illustrated makeup lesson shows you how in just 4 steps!

I love any easy kits which compact everything into one piece for easy carting around and to give you that model look where ever you go. I have another kit which is the Finding Mr. Bright, more of a face brightening kit but I just adore it. 

Big Beautiful Eyes in as eye contouring kit - it has your concealer, base shadow, contour shadow and liner shadow. To me this is like a light smokey eye look. The colours of the shadows are very pigmented and only need to be swiped on once for the beautiful shades to be left beaming from your eyelids.  I like that they are light shades because I'm not much of a bright eye shadow person, I don't think I can pull off the bright colours - or maybe it's that I don't know how to wear them properly haha. 
The liner that you use from this Big Beautiful Eyes kit is a dark brown eyeshadow and is applied to the upper lids and lower lids. I really enjoy using eyeshadow as a liner because it's way easier to remove and fix up when you have done a mistake. 

(Excuse the photos above of the kit - I couldn't wait to have a play around with it before taking a photo when it arrived.)

Total Moisture Facial Cream - *RRP - $57*
Say good-bye to dry skin and hello to "total moisture." This facial cream provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for a radiantly refreshed complexion. Our exclusive tri-radiance complex helps develop the skin's reserves of water & reinforce skin's moisture barrier. Contains mango butter, a natural plant-based emollient known to provide moisture. For normal to dry skin.

Can I just say - Best moisturiser I have used... EVER! This moisturiser spreads and applies onto the skin like a good primer would, it has a matte feel to it on application and it really does immediately 'feed' your skin of that hydration that it needs. It has got a nice refreshing light scent but I can't seem to pin my finger on exactly what the scent is or smells similar too. 

I am very pedantic on my face care regime and moisturising is always done daily - twice daily in-fact! Upon waking and before going to sleep. It is imperative to look after your skin if you want clear good looking skin and by adding in something so simple to use like the Total Moisture Facial Cream really shows great benefit to your skin and will be thanking you later. 

My skin is normally a very dry sensitive combination and by having such a caring product like Total Moisture Facial Cream it leaves me nothing to worry about during the whole day - my face stays moisturised and well looked after without having that dryness sneak through half way through the day. 

And this is the finished look for A Mother's Day look with Benefit Cosmetics.

  • Apply Total Moisture Facial Cream liberally over your face and allow to dry. 
  • Apply Big Beautiful Eyes - take the concealer and put under your eyes with the supplied brush, use your finger to blend into skin, take the light shimmer shade and apply as the base coat to your lids, take the medium shimmer shade and apply a little at the end of your eyelid and then work into the crease going up to your brow bone, then take the darkest brown shade and use as a liner on the top lid and about half way into your lower eyelid. 
  • Apply They're Real! Mascara to both eyelash sets - horizontally and vertically with the wand.
  • Apply Lollitint to your lips by brushing over both the upper and lower lip with the brush applicator and then rub both lips together to spread itself out - if needed use your finger to move around where needed.
  • Apply Lollitint to your cheeks - either spread across or do three little blobs and then work into your skin with your finger.

This look is my going out look - if I am heading out to an event or to see friends. 

I look forward to trying out more of the range and creating more looks for you all. 
Benefit Cosmetics are definitely a brand that I have high up on my list and I recommend you take a look into. 

Purchase your Benefit Cosmetics in Australia from Myer -

**RRP have been taken from Myer website as of 23/4/2014**


  1. The mascara made a significant change on your eyes :D And I like that look.
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines

    1. Thanks Pauline. I think so too.
      There is so many amazing products out by Benefit Cosmetics now - look out for my next post coming shortly with a Benefit look.


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