Thursday, 17 April 2014

LeapFrog Interactive Sing & Play Farm Toy Review

Sing & Play Farm
RRP: $34.99ea 
Suitable for 6 to 36 months 

Sing and Play Farm is a playful, engaging way to interact with life on the farm as little ones learn animal names and sounds, colours, rhythm and melodies. Children push buttons, turn keys, flip switches and more to build fine motor skills. And, they will meet new animal friends and sing along to popular melodies like Old MacDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Flip the light switch to illuminate the lantern and tractor light and hear the little chick “chirp.” Find the hidden owl, a “woofing” dog, an idling tractor driven by a silly sheep, a sliding spider, a musical hopping bunny and more.

This was an exciting thing to receive for review with Miss Niahbella as it was her first blogging gift to test out.
Remember when we used to say what we wanted to be when we were older as kids... Well Niahbella will grow up having that dream job that all the kids will envy as a 'toy tester' for mummies blog.

I'm pretty sure I have word for word as to what they say through the farmhouse in my head after the use it gets in this household! After a month of testing this Farm Toy out we have put together our little review and thoughts on how it went with us. This Farm house is just filled with so many things for Niahbella to do. 
It really brings her learning skills through play into tune with those finer cognitive interactions.
I loved watching Niah grow through play on this toy. 

It will light up, play music, twist, turn, push, pull, flick, slide and so much more! Niahbella was just around 5 months when this toy arrived, still young so she doesn't make proper use of it all but loves the sliding rabbit on the back giving it a good go throughout her time playing with the Farm house. 
Dan & I will open the door on the front of the Farm house and she loves closing it up herself... Well slamming it closed should I say. 

At around 6 months I saw her finally pushing down on the farm house button to open the top window and I must say this was something that made me stop what I was doing and get the video camera out as it was a milestone in her learning and to have been showing her all those times and for her to finally do it herself was just something fantastic!

Her little eyes light up as soon as this comes from her toy bucket and regardless of what she is currently playing with she rolls onto her belly and fixates only on the Farm house.

This will be something she can enjoy for a few years to come. As the activities on the Farm house will require more skills that she has not developed yet.


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