Friday, 11 April 2014

Share Your Beautiful Mum With The World with Olay

Olay Wants You To Share Your Beautiful Mum With The World
Join in the Mother’s Day celebrations by sharing your photos using #mybeautifulmum

When was the last time you told your mum that she’s beautiful? To celebrate the beauty of mothers from around the world, this Mother’s Day Olay is asking Australian and New Zealand women to share a photo of their beautiful mum. Olay wants to give women beautiful, healthy skin for life to help them become their best beautiful, especially your mum.

My Mum & I have always been pretty close.. except for the teen years when I wanted to rebel but we all get that right haha! Putting up this post had me reflecting through pictures of my Mum and family and I am very lucky to have them all still with me as a complete today. As you will have known from an early post My Mum went through a gastric bypass surgery and is on her weight loss track to get back down to a healthy weight.. which keeps reminding me I need to get rid of this post pregnancy weight! 
In September last year I was made a Mum myself and made my Mum a Grandma - this has been an amazing experience to share with My Mum. 

By heading to the Olay Facebook page - - you can upload a photo of your mum to share with the world. Take inspiration from children around the globe and their honest and heart-warming confessions as to why they think their mum is beautiful:

Rebecca Gibney, Olay Regenerist ambassador, shares why her mum is beautiful: “My mum is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman that I know. Her unwavering dedication and love for family is beyond compare and her passion for caring for people is truly inspiring.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for her and all that she has done and continues to do for me and those around her. It goes without saying that she has taught me a thing or two about beauty - she introduced me to Olay in my teens - but more importantly she has taught me that true beauty comes from within.”

Olay want all women to feel beautiful, especially your mum, so show her how much you love her today; Head to and share her beauty using #mybeautifulmum.

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