Wednesday, 2 April 2014

7 months and busy, busy, busy!

I feel like I haven't posted in ages not only a personal entry but a review or new product either.
It has been busy, busy filled with events, launches, fashion shows, package receiving and all whilst I am watching my little miss grow bigger and bigger everyday!
Niahbella is 7 months on Saturday and she's needing me more these days so hence why I have been quite lately. We have got a little routine in order now and usually I get onto my blog and do my studying at night once Niah has gone off to sleep - which used to be at around 6pm, I'ld do dinner and then it was laptop, tv, couch & me time but lately Niah hasn't been going down until 8:30pm or even later! My gosh it is being a real drainer because I am fighting to get her down and she's fighting to stay up even though she is crying her eyes out from being so over tired! I am honestly stuck on how to reverse this problem back. We were given a referral to Tweedle Sleep School by our midwife from our last appointment at 4 months but I haven't taken it up as it was more so her day time sleeping that was the biggest concern but she is better with that now - practically perfect with her day time sleeps but it's now her night time slacks that are out of whack and the most concerning for us!
Has anyone been to a Tweedle Sleep School? What are your thoughts and what was your outcomes on it?

Niahbella now has both her bottom teeth, rolls from front to back and back to front, from left to right and right to left - getting all around the rug in the lounge room so it won't be long before this little possy is on her knees and crawling around chasing us around the house. I can just imagine the little fingers that will poke under the bathroom doors now. It's also time for Dan & I to start baby proofing the house to make sure she isn't going to hurt herself or get into anything that she shouldn't be in.
Do you have any tips? Is their areas we should really focus on? What areas are most commonly forgotten that we should look out for? 

It has only been recently that I have started preparing and cooking up all of Niahbella's solid feeds as we had a horrible ride with our Multi Processor constantly having issues and I didn't want to have to fork out more money to buy a new one but we finally gave up and just got a hand held stick mixer so I could get the foods done whilst we battle with the company of where our Multi Processor is from.

Niah is really good with eating foods and I don't think she has given us a spit back of anything yet.
In the morning Niah will have her fruit mix with porridge and then she has a piece of raisin toast which she loves to sink her teeth into and chew it all up and then in the afternoon she will have her veggies with occasionally meat in it and then she will have a piece of fruit cut up so she can munch on.
We did have her on solids 3 times a day but I found she was getting clogged up and wouldn't have her regular bowel movements so we reduced it back down to 2 and she is fine again so she mustn't be ready for 3 feeds a day.
I mixed up potato, carrot, pumpkin and snow peas today and she was a big fan of that so was very pleased - she surprised me with how much she ate as I honestly thought it would be too much for her with all the high carb filling veggies.
What is a favourite mix up you make your bubbies?

Our breastfeeding journey ended about 2 weeks ago now and I didn't think it would be that hard on me but it was. I made the decision to stop breastfeeding as I wanted to get back into gym and start taking supplements for the gym and also because I didn't think I was producing enough milk for Niahbella. Niahbella is completely fine with formula and bottles so I think it has been a good decision to move her onto it. 

Today we attended our first baby show and it was very different to what I had expected - I kinda semi thought it might have been like Pageant Mum's on TV but this was very laid back compared to it and I was very surprised at how nice the other Mum's were towards each other. 
Niahbella took out a lot of runner up titles and then took 1st in her age group. I personally think Niah would have done better but she was a little upset that she was missing her nap time so was a bit of a grump and being a little miss I guess you could say haha.
I can't wait to go to another one as it just is something fun for us to do together - get dressed up and having Mummy & Daughter time (not that we don't spend enough time together already haha).
Have you gone to baby shows? What are your thoughts on them?


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