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Mothers Day Gift Guide - Home Pampering Edition


I've put together a list of gifts you could give Mum that she can use at home and in her own time. Us Mummies are always busy and we need time to rest as well. I know that when we do get a break or spare time we are dying to relax and be able to have a little pampering time. 

This soothing temple balm contains a powerful blend of essential oils to help promote harmony tranquility and relaxation.
Key Ingredients:
· Balancing Patchouli - uplifting and balancing, the patchouli plant helps to promote feelings of positivity and wellbeing
· Harmonizing Eucalyptus - a fresh clean aroma that helps to clear the mind and focus concentration
· Refreshing Lemon - the zesty refreshing aroma of lemon helps to enhance feelings of positivity
· Calming Ho-Wood - renowned as being deeply sedative ho-wood helps to induce relaxation and can be emotionally uplifting and calming
· Regenerating Centella Asiatica - a stimulating anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce stress and anxiety
· Stimulating Organic Indian Menthol - naturally organic menthol which stimulates areas of tension.

BLISS Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream - RRP $59.95
This product almost feels like mousse when you dip your fingers in to grab some. It has a pleasant citrus scent on application; which mellows down in strength of the scent whilst rubbing in. It leaves you with this velvet feeling skin but It does also leave a dewy finish so best to put this on first thing when waking up and then allowing some time to really soak into skin before applying the rest of your daily look.
Being a Mum having anything the can energize you is what we all look for and it’s great to find a product for your skin that can make you feel like that without having to take supplements or energy drinks etc.

BLISS Lemon+Sage Body Scrub - RRP $39.95
Where has this scrub been all my life?! It is a prized possession of mine now.
For those who know me, know that I love a good hard scrubbing product and this is exactly what you get with BLISS Lemon+Sage Body Scrub, it feels like little tiny rocks scrubbing up against you (in a good way). It’s almost like a massage from micro-beads.
The citrus scent in the scrub is also uplifting and energizing and really leaves a gorgeous scent on your body after your shower or bath.

LonVitalite 24k Active Gold – Yulan Oil Face Masks 5pk RRP $36.00 or Eye Masks 5pk RRP $24.00 
The royalty of all face and eye masks. Although Mum won’t look her best whilst she relaxes back with these masks on; she is sure to feel and look rejuvenated afterwards. LonVitalite is a great little gift to give to Mum so she can have a little R’n’R time when it best suits her and give herself an in home salon experience with such beautiful products. As these are multi packs you can have Mum saying thank you over and over again.
Face and Eye masks are the perfect thing to kick back with when the weather is also warm as it gives off a cooling effect making your skin hydrated almost immediately.

LonVitalite Eye Masks and Face Masks both provide immediate intense cooling and soothing relief. Highly moisturising and nourishing; smoothing out wrinkles, and hydrating the skin. The extremely active ingredients promote micro circulation in the face as well as skin regeneration. Removes lines and supplies water and nutrients for the skin cells leaving the skin more evenly pigmented and soft. 

I received the whole range to give a trial for you all (which I will post a separate review shortly with all the range reviewals) but I wanted to narrow it down to my 3 favourites from the range that really get me excited for a pampering session.

Premium Spa Frangipani & Coconut Sugar Body Scrub - RRP $14.95 for 250g
For Normal to Oily Skin –
This sugar body scrub smells soo good that you would almost want to eat it. It’s delicate and light but it leaves that amazing frangipani & coconut scent lingering on your body for hours after use.
Scrubs are one of my favourite beauty products and I would have to say this is now crowned my favourite scrub of all time!

Premium Spa Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter - RRP$9.95 for 150g 
For Normal To Dry Skin –
Coconut is definitely a fav fragrant of mine and I must try anything coconut scented or flavoured as I am guessing many of you also are.
Coconut & Vanilla – I’ve never experienced together as a scent or product but they’re onto something, something amazing like you would never imagine. This scent just hits you in the nose and leaves you wanting more of it! I wish I could bathe in this every single day for the rest of my life. It’s so light when you apply onto your skin, it’s almost like putting milk on – it’s that silky and it doesn’t leave that sticky feeling on your skin afterwards like most body butters do.
Premium Spa Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter is just melted straight into your skin leaving you feeling like you’ve got soft baby skin all over again. Your skin is left feeling very moisturized and looked after.

Premium Spa Rosemary & Citrus Mint SOS Foot Treatment Balm - RRP $9.95 for 150ml 
This is my area on the body that I would say is the least looked after and always forgotten and we really do need to take the time out to look after those feet that cart us around all day long.
This foot treatment balm is refreshing on your feet and making them feel like baby feet again. 

DeLorenzo Haircare Packs – RRP $49.95 
Find the perfect fit for your mum this Mother’s Day with De Lorenzo’s exclusive range of gift packs. With three to choose from, you can tailor your choice to your mum’s hair type – giving her an at-home salon treat to make her feel special.

When us Mummies get some from time what do we do – apart from get in the car put the windows down, blast the music and sing like you’re in a sing star karaoke battle… we go to the salon. Salons make us feel better – whether it’s the nail salon or hair salon but how often are we able to visit the salon? That’s where DeLorenzo comes in, they have a hair care pack that will cater to all sorts of those hair types – they will give you that salon experience in your own home!
Rejuven8 helps to sooth & rejuvenate your hair. It left my hair looking lushious, with volume and really soft. Honestly sometimes it was like I had a wig on – it didn’t look like my own hair!

GAIA Skin + Body Collection – RRP $22.95
I have used Gaia before and that was on my little girl from being newborn and I will always swear by them being the most natural and most caring brand ever for babies skincare so it was about time I checked out how Mummy can go with the brand. Gaia for me was something that I had no doubt in my mind about using even with my super sensitive skin.

This handy zipped pack with cord pull includes the key GAIA SKIN + BODY products, created especially for the sensitive skin care requirements of women.
Perfect for weekend’s away or travelling this pack complies with the Australian Government’s regulations for liquids in ‘carry on’ luggage for international flights. A practical addition to the gym bag – bottles can be refilled again and again, washed in the top shelf of the dishwasher and the bag can be re-used.

Pacifica Skincare - Secret Garden Collection - RRP $8.95 to $38.95 -
Pacifica Skincare has just released its new Banks & Co Secret Garden collection. Made using natural ingredients, each of the three lines offers sweet aromas to moisturise and refresh your skin before the summer.
The range includes: room diffusers, body lotion, body wash, triple milled soaps, hand & nail cream packaged in beautiful, bright floral designs that is reflective of the country's landscape.

The Secret Garden range is available in the following fragrances:
  • Wild Iris: This collection has a base note of amber notes with middle and top notes of violet and lemon. Wild Iris will let you a sophisticated and delicious fragrance. 
  • Tea Rose: This range has fragrant notes of rose, tuberose and a hint of freesia. A floral fragrance perfect for summertime. 
  • Pink Lily & Jasmine: This collection has fresh green notes with just a touch of sweetness. A great balance that give us a fresh, discreet and subtle perfume. 

Jeanne En Provence – RRP $16.95 for 60ml 
Jeanne En Provence is a French cute little perfectly compact small 60ml bottles of gorgeous scents that don’t have those big bulky abstract shapes this is the perfect little perfume all us ladies need in our bags! This would even fit into those clutches!
What I love about Jeanne En Provence is they are a complete different distant and far from the same scent with each one – there are some perfumes that in their ranges have the same not far off scent of the others.
  • Le Temps des Secret Almond & Blackberry bush flowers – This is a sweet one at first but then it warms up with the back note. This one I thought smelt like blueberries, I was close it’s blackberries in there! Almond & Blackberry bush flowers to be exact. The fragrance plunges into the sweet, tasty flavours of Provence, thanks to the natural essences of bitter almond, bergamot and mandarin.
  • Bouquet d'Agrumes Mandarin flower & citron – This perfume requires a matured perfume lover I would say. It would be a great scent that I think more Nanna would wear. It’s a light citrus smell that has Mandarin flower and citron in it. A fresh, slightly acidic fragrance with natural essences of mandarin, orange and citron, subtly perfumed by natural essences of cedar and mint.
  • Un matin dans la Roseraie Rose & Angelica – Straight away you can smell those crisp sweet apples that give that fresh aroma. This scent doesn’t hit you with a back smell, it’s all in one hit of the apples and pear mixed together. This is an olfactory walk around a rose garden. The first notes of lily of the valley and blackcurrant absolute are a reminder of the freshness of the morning, slightly spiced by the essence of angelica. Then the fragrance opens onto a floral heart of natural essences of rose and jasmine absolute, brightened by natural essences of rose berries, while Cedar wood delicately lingers as the base of the fragrance.

Sunsilk Expert Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner – RRP $7.79 for 400mL
Right off the bat it’s the clean fresh scent we look for to be in our hair. I wouldn’t say that it made my hair perfectly straight but it did give it a bit more of a less frizz wave which is my natural hair.
I did find that I could go at least 3 days without having to wash my hair, their was no oily hair.

Sunsilk Co-creations Expert-Perfect Straight by Yuko Yamashita seal in straightness. By penetrating the hair fibre the conditioner hydrates each strand of hair from root to tip.

Straight Lock Technology will bind the hair together into a simple straight style. The shampoo and conditioner help to manage and maintain the straight shape of your hair as it dries.

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla – RRP $7.36 for 375mL
I love Dove being that it’s not a soap. It cares for your skin when you’re extra sensitive like me. I really am finding that there is more and more to offer to sensitive skin people these days and it’s fantastic. I hated having to have the neutral stuff with no fragrances etc when I was younger because I would react. Dove has always been a brand that we have in our household as it doesn’t harm my ever so sensitive skin.
The smell of shea butter and warm vanilla is just dreamy – it really leaves you wanting to lather that whole bottle onto you and spend longer in the shower.
This product made my skin softer and looked after it longer then my normal products in terms of my skin going back to it’s dryness also. It really nourished and moisturized well.

Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Body Wash combines wholesome and luxurious ingredients with Dove’s NutriumMoistureTM technology to leave your skin feeling nourished and pampered. The body wash features a subtle scent of shea butter and warm vanilla.

A complete program for all-over body health and wellbeing, Mum will love this value-packed gift set which contains a beautiful fragrance along with three try-me sized body products, for the ultimate pampering.
All packaged in a beautiful beauty bag, the gift set contains a full-size skin-nourishing fragrance along with three luxe try-me sized body products. This pack is valued at $132.75!

Puretopia Soft & Smooth Glow Set - RRP $14.95
This stunning and most affordable set contains:
Glowingly Smooth Exfoliating & Renewing Body Polish - A gentle scrub containing Amazonian acai berry and guarana will stimulate and detoxify your skin. Polish away traces of daily pollution, excess oil and dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and invigorated.
Soft & Smooth Hydrating & Skin Plumping Body Lotion - A creamy, silky body lotion with instant and long term beneficial effects. Enriched with cell protecting omega oils 3, 6 and 9 from rosehip, soothing aloe with nourishing shea, macadamia, grape seed and sweet almond - RRP various prices.
Make over your mum’s beauty bag with the EcoTools or Real Techniques Brush Sets suitable for mum’s of all ages. The easy to use makeup brushes make professional looking makeup and achieving a natural glow simple with brush sets including; The Real Techniques Core Collection, The Real Techniques Travel Essentials and the EcoTools 6 Piece Brush Set. 
I have also reviewed The Real Techniques Core Collection which you can find here.

Derma Sukin Daily Hydrating Wash - RRP $8.95 for 250mL or  $12.95 for 500mL
Leading Australian Natural Skincare brand, Sukin have expanded their offering with a new range of Dermatologist Certified Products. DermaSukin products are suitable for skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin, nappy rash, or itchy and sensitive skin.  Like it’s sister brand, Derma Sukin does not test on animals, is 100% Carbon Neutral, 100% Vegan and Australian Made and Owned.

Derma Sukin Daily Hydrating Wash is designed to lock in moisture whilst cleansing. Soothing aloe vera and calendula leave skin feeling clean and refreshed, and provide long lasting hydration. This product can be used on the face and body, with or without water. Suitable for dry skin types especially extra sensitive.

Innoxa Hand Creams - RRP $9.95 each
Innoxa has just introduced three new hand creams to their body range. These divine hand creams help nourish and soften hands with each hand cream slightly scented & individually gift boxed making it the perfect gift for Mum this Mother's Day.

I tried out the Rose hand cream and I was a little sceptical at first as usually rose scented things are way too strongly scented and end up smelling like toilet spray but Innoxa have done exactly the opposite and really have lightly scented this hand cream so it doesn't give you that head ache of overpowering scents. Straight away your hands feel nourished and soft. I have really sensitive skin and my hands are an area that is most sensitive, I had no problems what so ever with this hand cream - not even a sting came out of it! I'm keen to try out the rest of the range - I do believe Gingham hand cream will be a hit as this was put into the range based on the demand for the popular 1970's fragrance.

Natural Instinct Energising Body Wash - RRP $11.95 for 500mL or $19.95 for 1 Litre. 
Natural Instincts are a highly recommended range from me. They are caring for your skin and have gorgeous fresh scents to make shower or bath time more enjoyable. 
My favourite from Natural Instincts is the Natural Instinct Energising Body Wash though. It is made with Lemon Grass, Ginger, Ginkgo & Acai - Cleanses, Refreshes & Uplifts.
The uplifting botanical Energising Body Wash blend combines organic extracts of Ginger, Ginkgo, Acai and Red Grape along with Lemon Grass and Geranium, all scented with revitalising pure essential oils, to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. I reviewed products from the range a little bit back now which can be found here.

Alpha Keri - RRP various prices 
Alpha Keri, enriched with Lanolin, is a trusted everyday skincare treatment specifically formulated to relieve problems associated with dry, sensitive and itchy skin.

A true gift from nature, Lanolin is a 100% naturally derived moisturiser that penetrates deep to replenish, repair and protect skin. No wonder people have trusted Lanolin for generation after generation.

Wash Me All Over Hand and Body Wash is a PH balanced, sodium lauryl sulphate-free formula infused with natural oils. Papaya extract and almond oil exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, whilst orange, lavender and coconut oils provide rich hydration and repair. With added jojoba oil, the all-round wash protects skin against environmental damage, ensuring skin remains soft and hydrated throughout the day with a healthy glow. Suited to all skin types. 

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System - RRP $49.99
Olay Regenerist unveils a new skincare revolution from its newly-upgraded, advanced anti-ageing line-up. The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System is Olay’s first-ever state-of-the-art, electronic cleansing device designed to effectively loosen, lift and swirl dirt away to to cleanse, exfoliate and reveal brighter, smoother skin with each use.

The device's micro-massaging action powerfully removes long-lasting, smudge-proof make up, yet remains soft and gentle on your skin for daily use, effectively preparing it for your anti-ageing routine.

People for Plants Organic Hand Cream Duo Gift Set - RRP $24.95
This beautiful brand has put together a gorgeous hardworking duo that will leave your hands feeling soft and nourished.

This gift set contains two of their gorgeous hand creams for you to spoil Mum with:
-Hemp, Apricot Kernel & Macadamia Hand Cream 
-Lemon myrtle, Camellia & Manuka Honey Hand Cream

For the woman in her 40s… the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Gift Pack includes the Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream, Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream and Revitalift Laser X3 Serum.

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Proxylane and LHA, the Revitalift Laser X3 range is the first anti-ageing solution from L’Oréal Paris to challenge a laser session… effectively correcting wrinkles, re-densifying skin and re-supporting facial contours. The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Mother’s Day Gift Pack is valued at RRP $139.85.

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Gift Pack - RRP $70
For the woman in her 50s… the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Gift Pack includes the Age Perfect Day Cream, Age Perfect Night Cream and Age Perfect Restoring Serum. Enriched with Pro-Calcium and Royal Jelly, the Age Perfect range is the only L’Oréal Paris range especially created for the specific needs of mature, dry and de-nourished skin… deeply hydrating, replenishing and reinforcing mature skin. The L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Gift Pack is valued at RRP $103.85.

Nivea Pure & Natural Gift Pack - RRP $20
Made from 95% naturally sourced ingredients. It gives your skin the care it needs without synthetic ingredients such as silicones, parabens, mineral oils or colourants.
This fantastically priced gift pack contains: Pure & Natural Body Lotion, Pure & Natural Lip Milk & Honey, Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream and Pure & Natural Hand Lotion.

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