Monday, 5 May 2014

A Mother's Day Look with theBalm + Review

theBalm cosmetics boasts a complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish. With a "beauty in five minutes" philosophy, theBalm's multi-use, mega fabulous products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs.

Tall, Dark & Handsome Mascara – RRP $24.95

A mascara at an affordable price that leaves individual stand out eyelashes. This mascara gives a good even coating amount to every single one of those lashes and really adds length to your lashes. 

Tall, Dark & Handsome really made my eyelashes be the longest they could be, making my eyes pop.
I always coat my lower lash as well as the top but it makes for a great petite look if you just wanted to do the upper lashes.

The wand on this mascara is nothing like I have used before. It's very delicate and soft on your lashes with these tiny little bristles that just glide through your lashes. 

shadyLady ‘Caught In The Act Courtney’ Single eyeshadow - RRP $19.95 
shadyLady eyeshadows
would have to be the most velvety pigmented shadows I have worn! The color straight away is on your skin - there is no swiping for a few minutes to come out, it's immediate. 

I love my natural and brown colours for my eyes so this was the perfect shade for me and made for a great outer corner and crease line smokey eye colour.

Small little compact single eyeshadow with the little mirror makes for a great little piece and to be able to pop in the clutch or handbag when you're out. 

shadyLady eyeshadow
didn't move either - once it's on it was stuck - there was no eyeshadow up on the tops of your eyelids after having them touch when your eyes were open. 

Stainiac Lip and Cheek stain - RRP $22.95
Everyone knows I am not much of a fan of lipstick and we all know that many lip glosses don't leave a long lasting colour if they're tinted so I have found my happy medium in lip stains! 
Stainiac is a fabulous lip and cheek stain that you can build up with applying more product (as pictured above). I like the application sponge how it is it on a padded brush stick for easier application instead of like the nail polish type brush applicator as it makes for an easy application. 

Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Magenta Disposition - RRP $13.95

This nail polish is a solid colour on first coat of application - can you believe in the photos I have placed on here that there is only one coat put on! I kid you not! That's how solid the colour is. 
I don't think I have ever had a nail polish do that so this is definitely a plus for us Mum's who don't have time to apply coat on top of coat.

 And here is my finished look courtesy of theBalm cosmetics.

  • Apply a base colour to your eyelids and use shadyLady 'Caught In The Act Courtney' single eyeshadow to the outter corners and the natural crease line, bringing it into the bottom outter corner also. 
  • Apply Tall, Dark & Handsome mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Brushing up, wiggling vertically and horizontally. Ensuring you turn the wand to a vertical stand to get the small lashes in the corner of your eyes.
  • Apply as much as desired of Stainaic to your lips and the bone of your eye socket just underneath the sides of your eyes.
  • Apply Hot Ticket nail polish in Magenta Disposition to your nails.

**RRP taken from David Jones as of May, 2014.

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