Sunday, 4 May 2014

Mother's Day Specials with Optiva

All the way from Europe, Boots Laboratories has a huge skincare offer that I thought you might like to share with your readers. The entire Boots Laboratories Optiva skincare range is now ½ price in all Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian pharmacies until May 11.  Now is the time to stock up on all your favourite Optiva products as part of your daily beauty regime or purchase a nice gift for Mother’s Day.
Optiva is a skincare range that goes beyond hydration to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in healthier looking skin in just 2 weeks (*when using Optiva Aqua Capture Serum). 

Scientifically and independently proven to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, Optiva hydrates skin for up to 24 hours, quenches free radicals and helps revitalise skin leaving it velvety smooth and glowing with health.   
The Boots Laboratories Optiva range is suitable for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic and paraben free. 

Only at Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian pharmacies. Free delivery at 

Optiva Range

Optiva Aqua-Capture Serum - 30ml Was $24  NOW $12

This concentrated skin hydrating serum has a light formulation, which is easy to apply and works deep into the skin. The serum strengthens the skin barrier in just two weeks improving its tolerance for the long term. Specially formulated to offer an immediate comforting and calming effect. 

Daily Protecting Cream - 40ml Was $22 NOW $11

A lightweight formula suitable for oily and combination skin, that provides hydration and keeps skin balanced throughout the day. Great under make-up. Daily Protecting Cream also provides SPF15 protection.   
Comforting Day Cream - 40ml  was $22 NOW $11

An easily absorbed moisturiser that helps fight dehydrated, dull looking skin by strengthening and protecting it to leave skin feeling softer, looking smoother, and more radiant. Contains SPF15 and UVA filters.  
Nourishing Night Cream - 40ml Was $22 NOW $11

A rich moisturising cream that absorbs easily to help restore skin overnight. The rich, nourishing formula works whilst the skin is at rest to leave it feeling refreshed, soft and smooth. The Night Cream contains the Althaea officialis extract together with other moisturising ingredients to strengthen and nourish while you sleep. 

Radiance Boosting Eye Balm - 15ml Was  $22 NOW $11

This delicate eye balm soothes and brightens the skin. The delicate area around your eye is especially vulnerable to puffiness and dark circles. It uses the Althaea officinalis extract to restore radiance and leave the skin looking more supple, soft and healthy.     

Skin Balancing Cleanser - 150ml Was $14 NOW $7

A gentle and effective wipe off cleansing lotion to clean, comfort and hydrate. Suitable for normal to combination and dry skin. It gently sweeps away and dissolves make-up and impurities to leave skin clean, soft and ready for the next stage in a skincare routine.   

Radiance Renew Foaming Wash – 150ml Was $14 NOW $7

A gentle foaming wash that leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and invigorated with a healthy glow. It gently washes make-up and grime away, leaving skin clean and soft. The oil free formula feels non-greasy and comfortable; it is soap-free and non-drying.   

Radiance Refresh Tonic - 150ml Was $14 NOW $7

A refreshing toner to comfort and hydrate the skin. It sweeps away the last traces of cleanser and prepares skin for moisture. It freshens and invigorates, and temporarily closes the pores leaving skin looking radiant.  
Comforting Body Balm 150ml Was $16 NOW $8

A rich and creamy body balm to intensely hydrate and soften the skin. It helps to boost moisture levels to soothe dry skin for 24 hours.   


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