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VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand Review

VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand - RRP $59.95

Looking to create those ‘bottom heavy’ big curls and soft waves that are so on-trend? It’s a look that remains important this season (and what’s not to love about it; feminine, flattering and fun it’s a look we predict that will define the decade if not a generation). This brilliant Salon Professional Curling Wand is shaped conically to help you shape your curls effortlessly from very loose near the root to more defined at the ends. What’s more, it features tiny silicon bumps that help you control and spread your hair while styling giving you Total Protection and Total Control! The styler also comes with an additional slimline conical wand attachment to create more defined curls when needed.

I have never been a person to curl my hair - I love curls don't get me wrong but I have never been able to master curling and think I also set myself up for failure before I even had begun because I know I just wouldn't get the look I wanted.

VS Sassoon is my first curling tool that I have ever played with on my hair and I think I maybe a little obsessed with it now, yes it does take a little bit of time but it is so worth it, the results are just outstanding and not to mention how long they actually last in your hair for!

VS Sassoon have a new curling wand that they brought out just recently that has really made curling my hair so much more easier. It's as simple as just twirling your hair around the wand for a few seconds and wah la it's done and you are ready to go. 
Using the VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand gives you big beautiful curls that give your hair such volume and have a salon look to them. 

I have very thick and long hair (nearly touching my bottom) so to do all my hair in curls it took awhile to get it all curled because of the time period it took to get it all done I would have to pin each curl section back into 'snickerdoodles' so the curl would stay whilst I worked on the rest.

I have already wavy hair which is just too crazy so the look I love going for is having my hair straightened and then adding some curls into my hair to give it that luscious full, TVcommercial hair look. I pin back the fronts of both sides of my hair and then have the rest of my hair down which I will curl and allow to just let the curls drop themselves for the more natural look. 

I did find for my hair I needed a lot of hair spray in my hair to hold the curls if I wanted them to stay and not drop because of the heavy weight of my thick and long hair but that is with most hair anyways that the curl will drop if not sprayed in.

Included in with the curling wand is a demi heat glove that goes over your index finger, middle finger and thumb so they don't get burnt which I think is really very clear as you're working so closely finger wise with the wand and those hair styling tools always heat up really hot!

VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand comes with two (2) attachment conical wands which are XL for a more bigger and voluminous curls and then a slimline for creating defined curls. I personally like the slimline which gives off a nice little curly wavy look.

XL conical wand attachment

Slimline conical wand attachment

The VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand has a ceramic LED Heat of 140 - 200c 

The VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand is such an easy wrap your hair around the wand curling system and leaves you with the desired curls within seconds because of the advanced professional ceramic heating technology.

At the end of the day result
I'm really happy with the way my hair turns out after using the VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand and I would definitely recommend this curling wand as its at an affordable price also and with 3 years warranty on top.

Professional Technology
  • Ceramic Intense Wand Technology for even heat distribution and professional results. 
  • Ceramic heater (large barrel) for consistent styling. 
  • Up to 200⁰C high heat to deliver long lasting results. 
  • 5 digital variable heat settings so you can choose the setting that suits your hair – go high for thick hair, lower for fine hair. 
Professional Design
  • Wrap control technology - silicon ‘bumps’ on the large barrel help you grip and spread your hair evenly over the barrel, and stops it from sliding off with no dents. 
  • Auto cut off. 
  • Professional Accessories. 
  • Demi heat glove to protect your fingers.
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