Friday, 16 May 2014

Bringing back tea time with Bakers Delight

Yesterday Niah and myself attended a very intimate and exclusive media event for the latest creations from Bakers Delight at the Cristina Re 'Where A Girl Goes' High Tea Room in Collingwood where we were presented with a beautifully arranged high tea. 
This high tea was like no other - it was a high tea that made you think you had gone to scone heaven as it was scones everywhere! 
What I loved a lot was the set up, with having the fresh real ingredients laid out on the table so you can see exactly what ingredients go into these scones and made it a little more fun for the kids to understand what goes in there.

Photo credit to Bakers Delight facebook page (link as below)

Bakers Delight are no foreign bakers place to this family. We always get our freshly baked bread from there every week on our shopping trip and occasionally we sneak in the little treats from the wide delicious range Bakers Delight have to offer.
Dan has always been a lover of Fingers Buns, Niah being a lover of the cheesy mite scrolls and myself being the coffee scrolls but I do believe that Niah & I have a favourite now that will be for those sneaky treats to bring home to and take 15 minutes out and bring back tea time to this household.

Photo credit to Bakers Delight facebook page (link as below)

Orange & Chocolate scone
Orange & Poppyseed scone

Bakers Delight have released by consumer demand ORANGE & POPPYSEED scones and then by their own creation ORANGE & CHOC scones. Now we all know that Bakers Delight have a scrumptious range of all sorts of scones currently but these additions need to stay - it's honestly the best scones I have tasted from the range!!
To be honest, I am not a fan of orange flavoured anything but these scones really tickled my fancy and made me want to devour everyone in site at the high tea!!
Orange & Poppyseed was our favourite from the latest releases.

These little fingers could not wait to get stuck into it!
Conquered it completely!
Making sure not even a crumb falls out!
These new releases are only available at current for a three (3) week period and then the team will be looking at how well they did. This is not something I want to see disappear out of my Bakers Delight windows! I am really hoping they will stay for good - this would definitely satisfy my afternoon tea when I bring it back!

Visit your local Bakers Delight to try these out for the limited time that they could possibly be out for.
*RRP $2.20*
Bakers Delight are also offering a free scone when you purchase a traditional loaf which can be claimed via their facebook page:

Photo credit to Bakers Delight facebook page (link as above)


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