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Day 5 of Weight Loss Journey - Entry 1

Today is Day 5 of when I decided to quit the junk and try to get my dream body finally! As you may know from reading my other posts before I fell pregnant I was on a weight loss journey and dropped 21kgs and was sitting around early 90's, which I can remember this as being probably my most lowest weight.

I weighed in on Day 1 at 112.3kgs - no for me I think this might be my heaviest (sorry I have the worst memory). I braved it out and stuck my ashamed weight onto my social media channels where my friends and family could see this. I knew that people would chatter behind my back and honestly there is probably nothing that anyone could possibly say that hasn't been bullied onto me before or that I have said in my head about myself and the way I am.
I received such an amazing response from posting it with such gorgeous words of well wishes and commending me on posting it as others wouldn't do it themselves. The way I looked at it was - I AM NOT going to stay this way! My weight is going to change and I am NEVER going to hit the scales at that weight again.

Each week I will be weighing myself first thing on a Monday morning and will most likely post a blog piece about it and how my week has been and set myself some mini goals.  You can also follow me on social media under the hashtag #njtlosing40 
Now... to explain the hashtag - NJT (my blogger name) losing 40 ... that's right I am aiming for 40kgs to be off by the end of this year. Is this realistic for me? Yes. Is this do-able? Yes.

When I was on my last weight loss journey I shed 21kgs in 3 months now this was hardcore stuff for me - I was right into taking my supplements, I was getting up at early morning hours like 4am to head to the gym or to bootcamp, I was attending gym 5 days a week (I would have 1 day off in the weekdays and then 1 day off on the weekends) - when I went to gym it wasn't just a little workout, I would stay there for 1.5-2hrs a session working out and sometimes was crazy enough to do 2 gym sessions a day - one in the morning and at night after work. I was completely in the zone - I loved working out and I loved what my gym had to offer in classes!
Classes are a great way to really get into it, the instructors will motivate and tell you what to do, you can make it fun with your friends etc. By doing classes also I was taking away bits and pieces and putting that into my normal workout that I would do on my own.

Before starting this whole journey I contained some brands that I would have loved to have supported me and assisted me through my journey and in return I was going to give them media credits through my posts but I feel so disheartened by this as I barely got any on board with me. I do understand that brands have wants when they are sponsoring and supporting people so they like to look at how many people view your blog, how many followers you have, how much engagement you have etc but I couldn't help but to feel so upset about it. Dan had to put up with many of my sulky whinges to him as I really wanted to involve my blog into my weight loss journey and be able to showcase brands and their products and give you my honest opinion on things and lets face it these supplements cost quite a bit so you want to be able to trust in a review and research about what people think of products before buying something with a large $$$ price, unfortunately I won't be able to get much of that up onto my blog but I do say sorry to all those who turned me down because... I will make it on my own! I will come out in this amazing transformation and you'll be wishing you had worked with me.
(This post is not to be bitchy or anything - it's to tell you exactly how I am feeling and there will be no short cuts on how I get through everything.)

I am still taking supplements and these supplements I will post onto my social media and am happy to discuss/share my honest thoughts and opinions on the products that I have personally selected out myself and will use in aid to my weight loss... but please know that anything that I review that has been sent out to me for consideration and to use in my weight loss will be clearly marked with #gifted #sponsored or **product sent out for consideration etc so you know how this is all running.
For those brands that have jumped on board with me - you won't be disappointed and I am ever so grateful for your support and assistance.

Anyway back to me and my transformation log-
Whilst I was going through my clothes yesterday and today I was noticing something... I am going back into my dark colours for clothing pieces! Now this for me was what I always used to wear previously before my last weight loss as I wanted to hide, I didn't want anyone to see me and wanted to just mask my body. This was upsetting to realise because my wardrobe used to be so colourful.
When I lost all my weight last time I wore all these amazing colours as I felt proud and happy to be in my body and felt good about myself. Through this journey I can't wait to get back into the beautiful coloured clothing and most of all just walk into any shop and pick my size off the rack without having to worry about finding the bigger sizes which makes your clothing shops and clothing options very little!

How Am I feeling?
This week I am feeling okay. I don't have the urge to want to eat bad and I am not really craving anything. I honestly thought going complete cold turkey would just have me taking sneaky treats but I'm not which is a good thing. I do admit that there is probably things I could cut back like not having as much cheese in my wraps or not as much dip on my wraps but at least it's not chocolate or chips right.

I am way tired earlier at nights I find which is obviously because of the low calorie diet that I am feeling tired more and my body isn't fuelled enough or on such a sugar high from the ice cream I used to eat at night.

What have I been eating/taking supplement wise?
Eating this week for Dan & I has been pretty good although Dan & I have a complete different ways of what we like to eat when cutting weight. Dan goes by calories and macros etc where I go by not healthy, not green, not good etc.
Dan & I have been having meals such as -
Wraps - (multigrain / spinach wraps) with chicken and lots of fresh veggies!
Stirfry - Slendier* wok ready noodles with chicken and vegetables.
Salads - Tuna with fresh vegetables

Now I will be making a separate dedicated post to Slendier pasta as this thing is an amazing 8 calories per packet! Check out my instagram @njtblogger picture below with a shot of my wok ready noodles and what it looks like.

I have been using my samples of GreenTea x50 from the Fitness Expo that I received for the past 5 days as this product is a detox, fat burner and metabolism booster all in one. I won't comment too much on the product as I have only been using it for a short amount of time.
I have been also using Musashi - Fat Metabolising Formula which is liver support and speed metabolism as well as it moves the fat stores - this product I have used for ages! As you may know I worked at Musashi for about 3.5 years before I went on maternity leave (which I stopped taking any form of products whilst pregnant) and this product is my best friend when it comes to supplements.

I'm controlling any sweet cravings I may have by having decaf green tea with pomegranate which I try to drink twice at day but honestly with a 8 month old whose just started crawling that plan just doesn't work. Yesterday I found myself boiling the kettle nearly every hour since 8am and I didn't have my first cup of tea until 9pm at night!

This ends post number one for the weight loss journey for me but I am very excited to get back into shape, finally getting my dream bod and share my journey with you all!!
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  1. I wish you a lot of luck!
    You did so well before the baby and you can do it again !

    1. Thank you so very much for the kind words.


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