Sunday, 5 October 2014

Scholastic Australia Books - September Edition

Apologies on the late post regarding September Scholastic Books it has just been very chaotic month that has seen many precious memories made and lots of events.
Niah had her first birthday party and we were celebrated over 3 days with all our family and friends and then it was every weekend a party for 6 weekends in a row whilst we went through all Niah's little friends from Mother Group.

I now bring yo you September Scholastic Book reads which was filled with Monsters!

Hurry Up Alfie - RRP $19.99

A book that has many pages filled with lots of detailing put into the background of the pictures where you will see how Alfie has a wild imagination that leaves him taking quite a while to get ready in the mornings.

Grandma, the Baby and Me - RRP $24.99

This book is a fabulous one if you have a little one around who is about to have a new sibling enter the house. A gorgeous book that shows what a little one may go through and experience when the attention isn't just all on them. 

Monster Chef - RRP $24.99

Our favourite one from September is this one. Monster Chef has beautiful pictures to share the journey of Marcel who just isn't quite what a Monster would be to someone. Marcel doesn't have talent in scaring, he has a talent that's in the kitchen!

Orion and the Dark - RRP $14.99

A book that would be more older children as it a bit lengthy. A book that shows you the fears of Orion and how he takes an adventure to face his fears with his new found friend Dark. 

I Love You Just the Way You Are - RRP $14.99

A good book of self acceptance and that everyone has different qualities that make them, them. A book filled of unconditional love and celebrating all the little things that make you more loveable. 

10 Spooky Bats - RRP $9.99

Count down with the bats as you read their experiences and what bats like doing throughout their day. 

Ten Monsters in the Bed - RRP $14.99

Their isn't no monkeys jumping on the bed in this one, it's all grotty and gross filled with normal things that Monsters do. Countdown till there is no more Monsters left in the bed. 

The Scarecrows Wedding - RRP $24.99

A wedding that seems to have all things go wrong for the love bird scarecrows. Eventually they get there and true love prevails. 


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