Sunday, 19 October 2014

Viva La Juicy - Juicy Couture Perfume REVIEW

The sweetest and most go to perfume that I have come across.
Longlasting? Massive ticks! This perfume is just a value for money all over.
There is nothing worse than paying top dollar for a perfume and it not giving you your monies worth, Viva La Juicy give you your monies worth and more!

Viva La Juicy is presented in a gorgeously pieced together glass bottle, gold detailing with a crown centre piece feature and then a hot pink bow around the lid with a gold dangles of a safety pin, letter 'J' with a crown head and 'couture' on chains.
There is no other bottle that has this much detailing that really draws me into this luxurious perfume. It screams attention as soon as you un-box it.

Viva La Juicy is available in a 50ml which retails at around the $85 mark and a 100ml which you are looking at about $110. Placing this up against other high end perfumes this is a fab buy price and as I said above - well worth the money!

As soon as the scent of Viva La Juicy hits your nose, it's just a million different sweet and warm smelling beautiful things in one! The sweet hits you first with the top notes of fresh fruits: black currant, mandarin and orange. Middles notes of: honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine. Finally the warm base notes of: amber, sandalwood, praline, caramel and vanilla.
Put this altogether and you have this concoction of a simply bliss power ball of a fragrance.

Something that is a good thing to note about perfumes and why they have the categories of top notes, middles notes and base notes is simply:
Top notes stay around for the first few minutes - around 10 minutes I say.
Middle notes will last a few hours after the top notes are gone.
Base notes will be the very last scents to come out once the perfume is fading away.

A perfume that is perfect for any occasion. For me this is my sacred one that sits on the shelf for only those special occasions/outings.


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