Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beauty Trend: Eyebrow Threading TESTED

The trend isn't waxing anymore but rather threading which a piece of cotton string gets sliced around on your face in a motion that is like cutting your hedges in the garden.

I HATE body hair with a passion! If IPL wasn't so expensive I would have done that right from my younger teen days but I guess with the amount of $$$ I've spent in full body waxing I would have had enough to possibly do my body twice over in IPL.

I have always had my body waxed on the regular. I had heard of threading but not enough to want to go in store and get it done, then my friends around me started to get it done and had recommendations to go and get threading done so I thought I'll go and try it and if it's not for me then I can say 'I've done it, it's not for me and I'll go back to waxing.'

I heard a lot who have tried threading that it hurts way more... I would have to say not true, maybe I have a high pain threshold but it's not to a point where I would say it 'hurts way more', yes maybe a little more in certain areas like the top sides of the eyebrows and the upper lip but it was bearable.

My plan was to go in and see how it felt on my eyebrows first and decide if I wanted my upper lip and chin done. (Poor me - obsessed with having no body hair that I told my lovely waxer to just do my chin any ways, in which she told me that even if I don't have hair their, which I didn't at the time that it could possibly grow back worse! In my case it did, sigh!) The price we pay for beauty hey.

After getting my eyebrows done I felt fine, after a few shocks to my face of the different sensation you get I was fine and conquered on to get the rest of my face done. I would definitely say that the eyebrows being threaded are a breeze compared to the upper lip being done that's for sure!

The benefits of threading are plentiful and I think have switched me over to getting threading on the face from now on.
Some benefits of threading that I am happy with is that threading removes only the hair not skin, unless you have a beautician who is going too quickly and cuts your skin.
Threading can remove the finer hairs that won't get picked up by waxing or plucking. A beautician threading artist goes through the hairs row by row - they can more easily give you a clean and defined shape to your brows.
People on some medications or have certain skin conditions can benefit more from threading as it's gentler on the skin over other methods of hair removal. Allergic reactions are rare for threading as theirs no wax or substances that may cause irritation it's just simply a piece of cotton string.

It's estimated that a threading artist should spend at least 15 minutes threading on you to give a good through job.

I found that my skin afterwards barely had any redness or puffiness to it. After about 15 minutes there was a slight red colour on my forehead around the eyebrows area.
I definitely think you should give threading a try, if you haven't already as you'll be surprised.

With my eyebrow threading I also got the threading artist to trim my eyebrows which was the first time as well, I really like the look of them being thinner and think they would be way easier to fill in and make use of my brow products in a new way.

(Sorry for the no photos post - I forgot to take before shots so there was no point in doing afters)


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