Wednesday, 22 October 2014

San Churro Fitzroy Official Opening + Sneak Peek Photos

The purveyors of Spanish chocolate, San Churro was all I craved when I was pregnant with my little Niah and to this day is a place I will venture to when I am craving a sweet treat on my cheat days.
San Churro are a chocolate heaven with many delicacies that will tickle anyones fancy.

San Churro unofficially opened their doors to their new concept looked store at 271 Brunswick St, Fitzroy earlier this month but tomorrow evening (23rd October, 2014) they will have their official opening launch of the store as an exclusive invite only to the media session which I am spewing that I cannot attend due to moving houses.

San Churro Fitzroy will be open prior to 6pm and then reopen again to the public from 9pm to 1am in which you can enjoy all the mouth watering pieces that San Churro have to offer.
However some of you may have seen that they have been open for business since the 16th of this month - but if you haven't already checked out this location then do go and visit them!
For the rest of this month they are offering FREE coffee, that's right FREE!!

The new concept store will replace the first ever San Churro store (located at 275 Brunswick St) which opened in March 2006, as a demonstration of the brand’s evolvement. The new store will be a company-owned store.

Designed to test new product and service innovations as well as pilot a whole new brand experience, the concept store’s features include:
  • A new look and feel that maintains its Spanish-heritage design and architectural references in a modern way (lighter and brighter than previous designs)
  • New oven that will allow San Churro to deliver Spanish empanadas – its first foray into a savoury food offering
  • New counter design, ice cream cabinet (with 12 flavours) and large cake & truffle fridge
  • Complete table service, no menu boards in store - a unique offer to competitors
  • Trialling new desserts (deep fried ice cream)
  • Trialling new brand partnerships, initiated with a wifi photo printer from Kodak Alaris that allows customers to print their San Churro celebration photo from their phone
As a rapidly growing business, San Churro has grown from one store in Fitzroy in 2006 to 40 stores nationally in 2014.

Here's a sneak peak of the new concept store - San Churro Fitzroy:

Congratulations to San Churro on their efforts and for providing the chocoholics like me a place to go to keep sane and get my chocolate fix. I'll be seeing you soon.


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