Monday, 6 October 2014

Kevin.Murphy - Angel.Masque REVIEW



Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of superfood Quinoa, hair guru Kevin Murphy makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of the super protein on your hair with ANGEL.MASQUE – the third step in the ANGEL.WASH and RINSE collection.

The strengthening and deep conditioning treatment for fine, chemically treated or coloured hair is the latest product to join the KEVIN.MURPHY range, and it’s filled with Quinoa proteins which help repair, smooth and condition the hair.

Famous for bringing elements of skin care to hair products, Murphy continues his ongoing quest for innovation by looking to global food trends.

“I was really interested in the way Quinoa works and how good it is for your body and health, so I thought why not use it on your hair?”, said Murphy.

“Quinoa is a complete protein and contains essential amino acids. The hydrolised Quinoa proteins in ANGLE.MASQUE bring moisture and repair deep into the hair while making it soft and shiny, as well as assisting with soothing irritated scalps and detangling hair!”

And Quinoa isn’t the only delicious ingredient in the masque – strengthening Tripeptides from Citrus and Bamboo promote hair growth and cellular regeneration, while Silk proteins and Aloe extracts work to improve hair elasticity, resilience and restore moisture balance. Abundant in vitamins, Jojoba esters provide extra strength and thickness to the hair.


When I first heard about this product and saw that quinoa was in their I just had to have it and try it out. 
As Kevin Murphy said quinoa is good for your body and health then why not use it on your hair?

The formulation smell for this product was a bit of a let down as I don't think they have added much fragrance to it, it's a raw natural smell which is hard to put my finger on what exactly it is but it didn't take to me. At times I would find myself putting a bit of argan oil on top of it to mask the smell but hey, you might not smell what I can - we all like different things and apparently I have a 'sniffer dog nose' and strong sense of smell.
The strengthening and thickening is the top labelled claims on the bottle of Angel.Masque and let me tell you that is exactly what Angel.Masque has done to my hair. 
I already have pretty thick hair but immediately I could tell it was thicker than my normal hair, but it was drastically over the top. It was more of a luscious thickening which was nice and fresh looking. 

I definitely felt that my hair was strengthened as well and not breaking as much as normal. I have dyed, bleached, cut and thinned out my hair that many times that I have pretty damaged hair that easily snaps. I notice their was less of that happening with my hair and I was retaining more hair than what normally ends up around the house or in my hair brush.

This repairing and strengthening conditioning treatment is more for ladies with fine or coloured hair. 
Kevin.Murphy products are straight to the point, bold, stylish and classy looking. The packaging of Angel.Masque is in an easily squeezable tube with a flip top lid. The treatment does come out really quick and in big blobs if you are not gentle when you squeeze at the bottle, a little of the treatment goes a long way. 

Angel.Masque can be easily added to your hair routine - applying as the last product to go into your hair. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and then rinse out. 


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