Monday, 6 October 2014

Anatomicals - The Seven Deadly Skins Melon Body Scrub REVIEW

The Seven Deadly Skins Melon Body Scrub - RRP $8.99

Do not lust after radiance and envy softness. smoother sisters shouldn't feel your wrath. take pride in your own skin. banish shower sloth and also use this scrub, leaving you glowing at a great price (we hate manufacturer greed). if you're dissatisfied we'll eat our 100 hats. sorry for our gluttony. Its key ingredient, honey dew, is miracle fruit and not only a ball to eat but enriched with vitamins A & C to softly condition dry skin!

A godly sent scrub that really gives you a scent of what they have advertised. The Seven Deadly Skins Melon Body Scrub is definitely a burst of melon that fills the shower with a beautiful aroma. I love the smell of the scrub, it's a real melon smell - mostly a watermelon scent (to me anyway) that leaves you hanging for the next meeting with The Seven Deadly Skins. 
The little exfoliate parts are pumice which is sourced from ancient volcanic rocks which will give you that scrub. 

I would say this scrub is a medium rough exfoliate on your skin, it doesn't give a massive deep scrub it's more lighter than what I am used too but probably better on my skin as it won't grate my skin.

As you may know I do have pretty sensitive skin and am always very cautious of products because of how my skin will react to it but this was completely fine on my body, no itches, no scratches and no red reaction rashes. 
The Seven Deadly Skins scrub leaves my skin happy.

For me I love the plain bold packaging with funky names - they're not your ordinary standard product that just sits on the shelf. These products scream for your attention and will give you a giggle at some of the product names of their range.

Anatomicals is a British owned product that have launched in Australia and are a perfect buy for a budget. Compared to others on the market I think Anatomicals are well placed with very affordable products.

Head to Anatomicals website link below and make sure you watch their intro video. 
Anatomicals are very much for anyone, everyone and is only 'wants your body'.


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