Sunday, 8 February 2015

Little Bossy Boots Moccasin REVIEW

There is nothing more cuter then seeing a little toddler walk.
I was so thrilled when Niah started walking as it was time for her to really show off those walking feet with cute little shoes. One pair of shoes that always got me when I would see babies walking was those little leather moccasins, they're just to die for!

Little Bossy Boots kindly sent us two (2) pairs to try out late last year but we had a little bit of growing space to go before we could fit these with ease of them fitting correctly on Niah's feet. These were Niah's first ever moccasin shoes as I hadn't gotten around to find some locally in stores.

Little Bossy Boots moccasins arrived in a lunchbox like tin case with and contained both pairs of moccasin's. This is a way of packaging I had never seen before but it totally suited the adorable style of the shoes.

Little Bossy Boots are an online organic baby boutique who have a stunning array of handmade 100% genuine Italian leather moccasins that come in four (4) sizes from 3-6 months up until 18-24 months, best I get to making the most of the time that I have Niah's tiny feet.
These moccasins are handmade right here in Melbourne, Australia.

I found the leather moccasins (RRP $40) are so easy for your little one to walk in as they are soft and light so the little one can concentrate on walking rather than having to worry about how they are going to lift some heavy shoe around on their feet and tumble over constantly.

The leather moccasins are easily slipped on and off with the ease of elastic that goes around the foot to stay put on those feet. With sturdy soles so they can be worn outside just as well as inside.

I did find that whilst Niah was starting to walk as they all do they have many tumbles and this started to scuff the shoes and discolour the shoes which is expected with all shoes so I would say these shoes to get long lasting wear of the colour would be best used for when going out to places that wouldn't damage them easily like the park.

Being so light and small they are easily popped in and out of your handbag without taking up a large amount of your bag space.

Little Bossy Boots have free shipping for orders over $40 so these babies are all you are paying for - no more.


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