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Sexercise - The Musical REVIEW

SEXERCISE - definitely not for the prudes. 
I was really intrigued when I was invited along to come and see Sexercise, it had me guessing what it would be about and in which I gathered from the title name it would be about sex and exercise obviously but how would they put all this together on a stage show performance? 

To sum up Sexercise it's exactly what it's called that happens. A married couple with a child who seem to have lost their connection with one another and don't spend that quality time together in the bedroom and outside the bedroom which has put strains on the relationship making them feel like strangers in the house with one another. 
A hardworking Dad and Mum who both have the busy lifestyles with working, trying to keep fit by attending gym, yoga classes or riding their bikes. It gets to the point in their relationship where they need to seek help and use the last resource by going to couples therapy. 

After at least 6 sessions they are introduced to a book 'sexercise' that has so many positions involving sexual play that give you a calorie breakdown of how much you'll burn by the therapist in which the Mum was unsure about but of course Dad was super keen on getting more action (as they all are right) so after Mum giving it a try you then see them 6 weeks after and have developed more of a connection with one another then they have ever had before. They're keeping fit, they're into each other once again and have regained the proper intimacy that was lost after they began their busy lifestyles. 

Joe & Sam learning about 'Exercise' with therapist Rhonda in couples therapy.

With friends that they talk to about their relationships in their social fitness activities you will meet Shane - Joe's friend who isn't ready to settle down yet and loves to play the field batting for the younger girls but then meets Rhonda - (the therapist) who changes his ways and get into a 'whatever' relationship. You'll also meet Tanya - who is Sam's lesbian friend who is heartbroken over the girl she was with for 6 weeks but believes is her soulmate but finds comfort and a new friend in Andy - who is Jo's friend that is married to the wrong girl who is very controlling on him and he wishes he could get rid of. 

Joe & Sam one day decide to step things up a knotch and record themselves in the bedroom doing a 'sexercise' exercise in which to then Joe is having a peep at the video afterwards and accidentally ends up posting it onto the last porn site he visited. It turns sour when Sam finds out and Joe is kicked out of home for posting the video online for everyone to see. 
Come couples therapy day both Joe & Sam unexpected to one another turn up at the session and fixing things between them which ends up having the video go viral through YouTube without there doing and then comes along 'Sexercise' - where Joe & Sam turn 'sexercise' into something bigger with creating a website and holding classes. 

Tanya & Andy having a heart to heart on their relationships

This Musical was something completely different that I have never seen in person before, the comfort of the performers who get down to underwear for scenes and will get into positions that you would only ever think about doing in the bedroom was for the eyes of the public in this production. 
The bluntness of this musical will shock you, I took a girlfriend with me to see the show and we both agreed that points like this do come across in life, if it wasn't happening at the moment. 

It's a funny, comedy/musical that will have you giggling in your seats and makes for a good night out. 
The whole production to me was bringing something that is a reality problem and make you see some insight to both parties (man and woman sides) views. 

Shane setting his moves on therapist Rhonda.

The Musical was held at the new Alex Theatre (former George Cinema) which I have never been to before. Lately I have been attending a lot of stage productions and have developed a real passion for seeing live performances so being able to attend shows at theatres gives me real excitement. 
Just quickly to touch on Alex Theatre in St Kilda, it's a small theatre in comparison to the other theatres I have been to before and has only one entry/exit point into the seating rows with the end of the other end of the seating rows stopping onto the theatre wall. Minimum leg room was there to be able to get in and in/out of the isles should you need to get out with other people in their seats.

I definitely would recommend this musical but as I said above - it's definitely not for the prudes. 

For more information on ticketing details etc, check into my previous post about Sexercise here

**Tickets were gifted to myself in return for the promotion here. All opinions and story line telling above are in my own honest words. 


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