Friday, 13 February 2015

February Reads with Scholastic Australia

Scholastic Australia have so many amazing books to share with all ages. Reading is something we cherish being able to do with Niah. I tell you now she is a little book worm, she is so interested in books and will always be sitting at her book cupboard flipping through books.

Niah has a book shelf in her room filled with all the special books (books that are hard for little tiny tots hands to rip up the pages) that we share of a night time. Recently Niah has learnt to say 'book' and will always request to have a book with her on the change table; this is such a help to the once wriggler who would cry through nappy changing and flip this way and that way trying to get off the change table. It keeps Niah still to have a book in her hands and flip through whilst we get her nice and fresh.

This month we have been sharing four (4) new stories with Niah; which are all available to purchase from Scholastic.

Thelma the Unicorn - RRP $16.99

A book about a horse who dreams to be different - a unicorn, one day luck came Thelma's way and she was living the life of the famous unicorn which Thelma then found wasn't as great as she dreamt it to be.

This book we absolutely loved, the author of Thelma the Unicorn also wrote another favorite of ours which we shared with you in our August edition last year; 'Pig the Pug'.

Magpie Learns a Lesson - RRP $24.99

Magpie can't fly like her friend Brown Falcon so Magpie ends up playing horrible mean tricks on Brown Falcon until one day Brown Falcon has enough and leaves. 
Magpie then has something bad happen to her and needs help, Brown Falcon doesn't know if he should go or not because of all the tricks Magpie has been up to lately but luckily he did as Magpie was stuck in a bad situation that needed the help of another. 
Magpie learns her lesson that sometimes from then on not to play tricks all the time. 

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon - RRP $11.99

This book is more of a novel, that was a bit advanced for us to be reading to Niah so we have popped this one onto the shelf to keep for another few years to come. 

A mystery book that has Jim Lad and Matilda setting out on ship for some adventure and pirates treasure. With a mystery to be solved from a mysterious boat that comes and goes, Jim Lad and Matilda will take on some investigating to get to the boot of the missing items.

Conga Dance - RRP $14.99

With all Australian animals, Conga Dance sees the Aussie icon animals all joining in one by one for a dance to the conga line until they come across another Australian animal that seems them all on the floor at the end. 

A must have book in the collection which shares beautiful Australian animal cartoons.


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