Monday, 23 February 2015

DAY 1 - Maxines Shape Up Challenge

I wasn't all in for the Maxine's Shape Up Challenge to start with as I'm a repeat offender of being only in the challenge up until weeks 2-4 and then I just give in. My gym and exercise commitment is always spot on, it's just my eating that I always give into.

I was talking to my now gym buddy about it as I was really worried about the eating part of the challenge and with the help of her and some other close people in my life they convinced me and talked me into it so I started getting prepared.
Last night I was still feeling really unsure within myself about how I could pull through the 12 weeks so I decided to post up my 'before' posts onto my social media channels like instagram and my personal Facebook where my family, friends and acquaintances in life would see me in my raw flesh (bra and undies). I did this because then it makes me feel obliged to stick it out now that I have shown all and will have support and watchers of this challenge and it pushes me to go further and stick it out. It took me awhile to decided whether I would put the before photos up on my personal pages but then I thought hey, you aren't going to be like this forever especially if you stick this out.

I was flooded in with messages of support from those who I am close to and those who I don't talk to on a regular basis, I felt so much relief and just felt completely fine after all the positive feedback from such good people in my life.

Today I greeted the morning fine and went straight into breakfast with the meal plan of having oats with a protein shake; well that didn't taste too great as the water ratio to oats made my breakfast more of a oat soup which was a little hard to stomach down but I just kept thinking in my head suck it up and just get it over with, it's not as bad as you think and will be all over soon.
I questioned other challenge participants on social media as to how they had there oats and I got some good ideas as to what ways worked for them when making this breakfast so I will be prepared with others ways to get the oats breakfast down in future.

Morning snacks I found myself opening and preparing my little girls morning tea and then having a little piece of her dark chocolate and an oat bite and then thinking in my head 'Nikita, what are you doing, you're eating without even knowing!' Morning tea for me was meant to be almonds and an apple. I got 3/4 of the apple and then my little one took 1/4 of it but there was no almonds as I forgot them on the shopping trip.

Lunch time came around and I was prepared at all, I received a phone call earlier in the morning that my Grandma wasn't well so we packed up home and off we went which is where if I had prepped for the following day or for the week I would have those go to meals to grab before I go out the door. My family had hot chips in which I resisted temptation even though they would have perfectly done on the stormy rainy weather we had here in Melbourne today.
Luckily I had a protein bar in my bag so I ended up eating that to get me through.
Lunchtime then came around at about 4:30-5pm when we got home.

In with dinner there is 1/2 cup of berries and 1 tablespoon of natural yoghurt which I have no idea as to why we need that but I'm sure we'll learn soon. I don't feel I need it but I am trying to stick to the plan as much as possible.

I really did enjoy the lunch and dinner options on the menu and I was honestly dreading this and thinking it's so bland and boring but as long as I flavour my meat in different things and change up my salads then I think I'll be fine. I'm starting to have an outlook that's more positive now and I'm ready to soldier on.

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