Saturday, 21 February 2015

GAP Christmas Workshop Event

Back in December when all the preparations were taking place and we were in that festive season preparing for the Big Red man we all know as Santa, GAP held an event for a few lucky kiddies to come along and put their creative hats on with decorating their own gingerbread men and create their own christmas tree decoration to hang from their own tree at home.

We headed down to GAP's head office in Melbourne within Chadstone Shopping Centre, the fashion capital so it made good sense that they are there, right?
Chadstone Shopping Centre used to my local place to shop at as I only worked 5 minutes down the road and would spend my afternoons/nights there after work winding down with a little retail therapy. I recall walking into GAP whilst I was pregnant and seeing all the adorable little fashionable pieces GAP had in store and then starting a collection closet for Miss. Niah when she was still on the inside.

Niah & I were so delighted to be able to take part in an event with GAP and more importantly that it was an event where Niah was now old enough to be hands on and get involved rather than be carried in Mumma's arms.

As soon as they opened the red ropes for us bloggers to start the workshop Niah was straight for the gingerbread table with one of the GAP ladies, who were all fantastic with the kids at the event and were very accommodating to helping them out.
The gingerbread table was filled with lots of decorative sweets from snakes, smarties, sprinkles and liquorice which I think became a table of eating more then she put onto her gingerbread as she was in sweets heaven.

After creating a real man out of her gingerbread, Niah moved onto the Christmas tree decorations where there was thin wooden decorations shaped according to the Christmas theme on a table with paints, sequins and glitter.

This is the part where Niah could let loose and really get to working her magic. Niah seemed to have a little workout going on whilst she was shaking those glitter shakers like no tomorrow.

You often speak with other Mum's and they'll tell you that they don't do these sorts of things at home such as playing with glitter, paints etc because it gets to messy and this is why they love childcare as they do these sorts of things - for those who don't have their children in childcare having places that allow you to go in for sessions to do crafting is fantastic, no mess made at home and they can enjoy a day out of the house for a few hours creating masterpieces.

Tiffany & Co Christmas Tree at Chadstone Shopping Centre

I really enjoy when brands hold events that allow you to bring your children but most of all that the event is created for them. As with all of us Mummy bloggers our lives evolve around our children just as with any Mum but sometimes having events often and not being able to bring your children can be a hard one and leaves you missing out on some great events as it's not a child friendly event so I really have to thank GAP here for holding an event that we could both enjoy a day out together.


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