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Day 6 - Maxines Shape Up Challenge

My intention was to try and at least get something up each day for my Maxines Shape Up Challenge so I could look back on it and remind myself of how far I have come and to ensure that I know I have to eat well because every little bit of it if I was to eat bad would go in here.

Unfortunately I have been caught up with my personal life as we received news that my Grandma was going to be leaving us shortly last Monday, it was hard to hear and we spent everyday with her in the nursing home to ensure we would be with her for those last moments. I think knowing someone is about to pass away is much harder then getting news that they have passed away because each day we saw Grandma we would shed more tears for her.

On Wednesday morning at around 4:20am Grandma passed away so we all left the house early in the morning around 6 to see her in the nursing home one last time. It saddens me that I wasn't there enough with her through the past few years but it also makes me happy that she will be reunited with my Grandad who left us nearly 13-14 years ago now.

I missed out on going over to Samoa to return my Grandad to his home land and for his burial so come now with Grandma I'm not going to miss this as it has lived with me everyday that I didn't get to be apart of returning Grandad.
In roughly about 2 weeks we will be returning to Samoa where we will be reuniting Grandma with Grandad in a grave that will be made for both of them.

It has been a rough week with what was going on in my personal life but I made sure that I didn't allow myself to start emotionally binging on food like I probably would have used to do in the past.

Tuesday -
Breakfast: Yoghurt and Maxines Burn protein mixed together.

It was an early rise for us a 5:30am start as Niah had been having troubles sleeping and there was no way she was going back to bed so up we got to watch her favourite show 'Hoopla Doopla'.

I sat there for ages trying to get the combined yoghurt and maxines burn protein down, at least an hour I would estimate and usually I am straight down with the breakfast as it's my favourite meal of the day.

I don't think Choc Latte is the best protein flavour to mix with yoghurt but unfortunately that is the only protein flavour I currently have as the flavors I did order for the challenge are on back order with an ETA of 2/3/15 so I'll just have to suck it up for a little longer.

Lunch: Grilled Steak, green vegetables and sweet potato

I never used to really eat much steak because it wasn't something our family could enjoy together with the fussy mouths in the house so it was good to be able to get myself into eating the things I do enjoy having.

I don't think I needed the sweet potatoes though as it just didn't go with the dinner mix I say. I was happy just to have the green vegetables.
I cooked the sweet potatoes in the oven in slices, so might need to try another way next time. They just seemed a little boring and plain to me.

Gym: Today I did my own cardio workout with being on the bike riding for 20kms and then interval running/walking on the treadmill.

Wednesday - 
This day was all over the place for me as it was the day we got news my Grandma passed so we were out of the house from 6am and didn't return until after 8pm.

Breakfast: I was in a hurry to get out of the house so I just made up a shake for on the go.

Lunch: I was at an event during this point and had a little cup of soaked oats topped with some fruit and nuts.

Dinner: I ended up having tuna and salad as I was locked out of my own house and just made something that I could run to the store for as well as purchasing and making my families dinner of homemade chicken parmas with chips and salad - one of my favourites to do at home, which took me a lot to not smash down a parma with them.

Gym: No gym was done, I was too wrecked and exhausted that my body was aching from how long I had been away from home and busy I was. I felt guilty and very bad but sometimes you just need to listen to your body.

Thursday - 

Breakfast: I did the eggs on toast with added bacon - not to the plan in the sense of it wasn't on the meal plan for today to have 3 egg whites and 1 yolk but I missed it Wednesday morning and was really looking forward to it so I had it this morning to allow myself feel refreshed with food.
Bacon wasn't on the meal plan at all but I had some in the fridge still from being off diet and wanted to have it, naughty I know but I know I'ld be working it off.

Dinner:  I was out for two events tonight and was not prepped with food.

My first event/meeting I attended I had a raspberry and mint tea.
My second event/meeting I attended I had an organic cold pressed juice that had: coconut water, cos lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, lemon, ginger, mint, parsley and dandelion. This was disgusting and I only got 1/4 if not a 1/3 of the way and just couldn't bare it no more. I wanted to pick the healthiest one there so opted for this and obviously got burnt for it haha.

Later that night I had another but this was a nut milk instead which consisted of: filtered water, activated almonds, coconut flesh, chia seeds, medajool dates, raw cacao, mint and milk thistle which is the one I originally wanted to have at the start of the night but thought no be good and go all raw once I looked at the kilojoules in comparison to them both. Some of the fellow attendees at the event were saying the nut mylk was more a meal then a drink so in that case I didn't have anything eatable for dinner and that was the last thing to come across my lips for the day.

Gym: I did weights today because I missed yesterdays gym session of weights and much prefer to do weights then cardio anyways.

After Gym I visited the shops and purchased a heap of meat ready for the rest of the meals coming this week and next. I braved myself to buy Kangaroo meat simply because of the protein intake and how good it was for you but the next challenge is to cook and eat it without throwing up! I hate the smell of it in the freezer and I have no idea how it will go during the cooking phase.

Friday - 

Breakfast: I had oats with protein shake this morning as last time around when it came oats mixed with protein shake that was gross so I took on one of the ideas that was shared with me last time and blitz up my oats, protein powder, water and some ice. It was definitely easier to get down but it was a consistency that was still a little chewy and thick, so the prep will need tweaking again.

Gym: Cardio day - I took on a 1/2 hour fitball class, 1/2 abs class and then 1/2 bike session.
The abs class had my abs on fire!

Saturday - 

Breakfast: Today was meant to be the yoghurt and protein powder mixed together but instead I went the safe way of just having the yoghurt on its own and then having a protein shake - definitely like it this way better.

As we were out for a birthday party during lunch time I was under pressure of having other food. The junk goodies didn't phase me at all and I was fine with what was there but it was the salad that was filled with carrots, olives, feta, tomatoes and such that had my mouth watering as I love a huge salad mix, then I found out a BBQ was happening and that is what had me tempted to get a sausage in bread or a hamburger patty with the salad but luckily I didn't go all out. I did however have a bite of Niah's sausage in which I didn't really feel bad for because it wasn't the whole thing I tried to eat thankfully.

At the birthday party I did also have half a sandwich of curried egg - which egg I worked out what I would usually have for breakfast which was 3 eggs and a piece of toast so I worked out I could have half a sandwich making a full piece of bread with eggs so I didn't feel too guilted about this but then when I got home at around 3:30pm I had my proper lunch.
I don't know if it was wrong for me to have my proper meal plan lunch as well after having what I had at the party but I do know my stomach was rumbling and starved so I just did what my belly said which obviously got me into this mess, so might need to real start meal prep now.

My only problem with going to events and parties etc is not wanting to have to be rude by having my own food or asking them to heat up what I brought along so I am still trying to manage around that at the moment.

Tonight I will be heading to the gym for a full body weight training session.


As I said above unfortunate for me I don't have any other protein flavours apart from the Choc Latte which I brought late last year as I wanted to try the powder out and do a little shake up in my diet for a week.
I ordered through Amino Z which unfortunately have the flavours of Strawberry and Vanilla which I wanted on back order. Its crazy that supplement stores know the challenge has started up and should be well stocked if they were a popular place to purchase supplements from.
I did find Amino Z to be the cheapest place to order supplements online.
I brought a few different individual bars and cookies just so I can try them and see what I liked from the Max's range as I am now aware we can have Max's stuff also that would make our essentials be ticked off.

I ordered my bars/cookies through Lady Jayne via eBay as I wanted a mix box to know which ones I would like to order in future and what I did and didn't like and they were the only place to offer this service with still getting the bulk discount and not have to buy individually and pay more.
I did find there shipping and handling time was slow and I didn't receive them until mid/end of the week. I know I was late on ordering my supplements for the challenge and placed this order on Friday before challenge but still thought it would have been sent overnight, but that wasn't the case.
On the upside I did receive a free shaker bottle of Maxine's from them which I have wanted so that was a good thing.
In the interim I was buying my Maxine's bars from a BP and GNC which I so happened to come by through my travels recently. I wish Maxine's were stocked closer to me so I didn't have waiting time or even in supermarkets would be way better!

For now I'll leave you with some foodie pics of mine that I've taken through the week of my meals if you haven't already seen on my IG.

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