Friday, 5 July 2013

Disney On Ice Review

WOW! First words was WOW as my review word for this performance and WOW was said a lot through out the performance. I was wondering at some points of watching the show if I was enjoying it more then all the kiddies in the audience.

Disney On Ice was a magically performance filled with eye ball openers to everyone. It's a show that really gets the kids involved and makes you realize how smart the kids are these days calling out to all their favorite characters by name and reminding all us parents, families, siblings etc who these characters are.
It was also a path down memory lane for me reminding me of all the Princesses & Heroes I used to watch on T.V.
I went on the Thursday 4th July at 2:30pm performance - second show for Melbourne at the Hisense Arena with my cousin and her 2 cherubs as well as being lucky placed next to a blogger close friend of mine with her sister and 2 darlings. It was such a good thing to see how happy they got with the performance. When I went to my cousin's house before the performance Summer who is 4 was telling me she was going to Disney On Ice and would ask when we were going every few minutes.

One of the biggest highlights for the show I believe was the part with the fire breathing dragon Magnificent and Prince Phillip who kills the evil dragon. They made this part of the show a big WOW with actual real fire on stage. That was sure to get everyone's attention.
Photo credit to: Erin Ritosa of 3B's blog. 

The fire-breathing dragon on stage and the eye balls glued to the stage of us all.

The set of Disney On Ice was just fantastically done!! The quick prop changes for stage use was done so fast you could barely see it happen, would just appear. 
Castle on stage which was used several times for different scenes. 

A favorite of all was when Snow White came out and the 7 dwarf's - they were something that got me going WOW look at that. 
Photo credit: Erin Ritosa of 3B's blog. 

We were also lucky enough to be able to met some of the characters after the show which was really good for the kids to get their picture taken and met someone who is off their T.V. 
My cousin Jai and her kids: Summer and Isaac. 
Photo credit: Erin Ritosa of 3B's blog. 

Summer and Hayley.
Photo credit: Erin Ritosa of 3B's blog. 

This is something very worth taking your cherubs or yourself to as tickets for Disney On Ice are still available with the show coming to an end on the 8th of July.
For more on the show and tickets to Disney On Ice visit:

Please note: Photos that are credit marked to Erin Ritosa of 3B's blog isn't me just stealing photos from someone's blog - I know her personally.


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