Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets

I'm sure everyone has seen the commercial advertisement on Fairy but wants to know does it really work? 
Well Daniel & I actually held these little babies in our cupboards before the big ads came on and here is our story...

When Daniel & I moved into our new home we scored a dishwasher in it - YAY for no washing dishes as I'm sure that would have been a fight every night as to who has to wash the dishes.
For about 2 months we were trying all these different dishwasher tablets to see what suits best - obviously we didn't want to spend a fortune on these things so the price became a huge factor for us. 
We went through some awful products - some that would leave stained marks of the powder that comes from the tablet across our dishes especially the glass wear and would leave us practically washing everything by hand anyway. It wasn't only the cleaning of the products and price of the products that mattered to us, it was the smell it left behind on the dishes... their is nothing like opening the dishwasher and smelling this amazing scent that leaves you knowing that your dishes are refreshed and also benefiting the dish washer and giving it a clean whilst it's working away at our dishes. 

Daniel & I purchased Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets when it was on special one time to try and we fell in-love with it!
Fairy ticked all those boxes for us:

  • Value for money
  • Inexpensive
  • Clean, refreshing scent
  • Cleaned the dishes with no marked powder stains 
The only thing I can really critic on this product is that the smell can be a little strong when you first get that dishwasher open but it usually mellows down shortly after. But to us - a strong smell leaves us knowing it's done its job. 

I love the design look of the tablets also - They have liquid detergent and powder detergent in the tablets to really get your dishes sparkling clean! 
All you need is 1 tablet and you're away for a full dishwasher load. 

Fairy Platinum has 14 functions:
    • Liquid Detergent with powerful anti-grease action
    • Powder Detergent
    • No need to unwrap 
    • Fast dissolution
    • Cleaning action at low temperature
    • Rinse Aid action
    • Super shine function for glasses
    • Metal shine
    • Soaking action
    • Tough stain removal
    • Tea stain removal
    • Glass protection
    • Silver protection
    • Salt function
Helps prevent grease build up on the drainage system, filters and spray arms. 

After using the liquid and powder detergent together in Fairy Platinum on our dishes, I don't think we'll ever go back to anything other then Fairy.

Fairy Platinum is Lemon scented. Comes in 20 pack. 
**RRP $15.58 as sourced from Woolworths.**

For more on Fairy visit:

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