Monday, 29 July 2013

33 weeks - Take 2 4D scan share.

Can anyone say uncomfortable? I just continuously toss and turn at night trying to get myself comfortable and it's a complete challenge and a half!
On top of having to get up for the toilet quite a bit through the night more then I used to before.
I've been experiencing like sharp pains down in the lower region and when I spoke to my best friend about it she advised me it was bubs pushing down on the cervix and thinning down their ready for when she comes out.
After going for another 4D scan on Saturday the lady who was doing the scan said that she was sitting really head deep in there which would explain it all.
We had an antenatal appointment straight after our scan and I asked our midwife about what the lady said at our scan and if bubs would now stay their or would she move again? Midwife advises that she's staying there now... ahhh does this mean we could be coming early? As long as she's in the healthy okay to be out of the womb early then we are happy with that ;P

My stomach has gotten ever so itchy and I'm constantly having to give that tummy a good scratch. When Daniel & I discussed this he said it may have something to do with the stretching skin and more blood their... Can anyone add to this? Has anyone gone through this?
I don't know if its something normal in pregnancy as I seem to be getting a rash mark on my stomach but again don't know if its coz I am scratching because of my stretching skin or if its maybe a reaction to something I am using.

Daniel & I start birthing classes Tuesday night which goes for 4 weeks - 2 hour sessions... 7:30 to 9:30pm, I am snoozing basically on the couch around 8:30-9pm so it's going to be a very long night for me.
I'm curious to know what the birthing classes are all about, by the sounds of it - its to do with methods of assisting when you have that little one about to enter the world but I've also heard its a beneficial thing for the partners as they learn probably more from it then you.
I remember the day when Daniel asked the midwife do we get to go to those 'owhhh, he' (he was making deep breathing noises to her) classes, it was hysterical and much to his disappointment they only do lamas classes overseas.

Bubs is still moving around a bit huge lot! Lots of hiccups which are cute but then we feel sorry for her at the same time. It's the strangest thing when she must be stretching out and you feel a movement in both the upper and lower tummy.

Can you believe it this Thursday we are down to 6 weeks to go!!! Hold tight in there baby - we will see you soon :)

I'll leave you with some new images from our 4D scan on Saturday.

She has just changed so much - the below image doesn't even look like her last time so I think Daniel's features are coming out in her now and on top of that she is in her bulking stage.
You will see she has her 2 hands beside each face cheek and then you can also see... yes, that's her foot near her mouth haha!!

She was such a little cheeky girl throughout this scan - she did an amazing job for us this time and was in the camera face view the whole time, we were pleased with her for this scan. As below - that cheeky girl was sticking her tongue out hehehe.

And this one... the funniest - she was sucking on her toes for quite a bit of time throughout the scan, yes - we have a little sucker on our hands. Below she's going in for the toe sucking haha! I can not wait to see this 4D scan video and see all that toe sucking haha!!

Baby's progression shot -


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