Friday, 12 July 2013

Dressing your princess - Fabrik & Betts Kids

How unbelievably gorgeous are these 2 brands for kids!! I just couldn't go past them without sharing them with you all. I know 100% that my little gorgeous baby girl will be sporting Fabrik clothing & Betts Kids Shoes.

You can get that celebrity look that all the stars are rocking their babes in by the use of Fabrik & Betts Kids Shoes - take a squizzy below!!

Ginger Pants - Austin
I definitely know that this is a piece of clothing my partner would be envious of on bubs as he has always wanted to have those pants that have the big crutch part - I always tell him no way, it looks like you've got a diaper on... Well I guess at least he can live his dreams of wearing those sorts of pants through bubs hehe.
Ginger Pants 

Kitty Shorts

Rose Romper - Ditzy

Lila Romper - Austin

Matilda Dress 
The design prints of Fabrik clothes are to die for - C'mon you cannot tell me that you are not already inlove with Fabrik. The above images are sneak peeks of what is soon to come hehe. 
Fabrik have an amazing range that can be viewed at:


My favourite shoes at Betts Kids are the Sketchers Shuffles - they're soooo adorably cute for those little feet. I soooo badly wanted to get these but my partner is like 'No, you need to wait and can't be buying everything now.' - I think I'm going to sneak back into Betts Kids and purchase these on the sly hehe.

And I will definitely be picking up these babies for her to match when I go on walks and runs with her to match my free runs (when I treat myself after bubs).

Betts Kids Shoes range also have adorable other shoes for those little tootsies of your bubs which can be viewed at:


  1. 2 of my girls have the twinkle toes shoes(the ones that can walk! ) they loves these shoes

    1. They're so adorable! Those are the ones that light up when they walk in them aren't they?? I must have those shoes!! They're stunning.


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