Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cold Power Sensitive Touch Laundry Detergent

'Cold Power Sensitive Touch delivers outstanding performance in cold water while being gentle on skin. It new hypoallergenic formula is free from perfumes.'

As you all know I am suffer from eczema and having sensitive skin, it's nothing something I like because it makes everything so much harder for me... Not being able to just pick up anything from the supermarket and knowing it will be fine, searching high and low, standing for ages reading the backs of products to see if I can use it and more importantly just waiting to see how my skin reacts when I use something new for the first time. 
Well Cold Power Sensitive Touch put me at such ease. After putting this into my first load of washing once I received this product and putting those clothes on was a breezeeeeeee!
You guessed it... NO REACTION, NO RED MARKS, NO ITCHY SKIN, NO RASHES!!!! Their was nothing at all happening to my skin. 
Cold Power gives your clothes a fantastic wash that leave this with that gorgeous crisp clean smell, as I am writing this I actually have my clean freshly washed sheets ready for the bed in front of me and I can smell Cold Power still... even after I've put the sheets into the drier for about 1.5hrs!! 

Cold Power Sensitive has been so ever gentle on my skin, I honestly can't believe it. 
As a kid growing up in a household of 6 other siblings as well as my partners I was always the main thought when Mum selected the washing powders - we went through sooo many different ones with me being the guinea pig appearing with red rashes most of the time and then the only one we found that didn't cause me rashes was the home-brand ones. Only problem with those was they don't have a nice refreshing smell to them... that's why I was so shocked with Cold Power being a well known brand and actually not doing any harm to my skin. 
Cold Power Sensitive you have been a breath of fresh air and will definitely be what I purchase as our laundry detergent now. 

Cold Power Sensitive Touch comes in liquid or powder, top loader and front loader which can be purchased in your supermarkets, so next time you're in the supermarket aisle and looking for a laundry detergent to suit your family's sensitive skin care needs ensure you consider Cold Power Sensitive Touch for peace of mind - you WILL NOT be disappointed. 
I really like that Cold Power Sensitive Touch comes in either the liquid or powder detergent, as for me liquid is way better to wash with. Powder seems to always be something that leaves white stains on clothing or even clumps of the powder left on the clothes. 

**RRP $14.99 - for a 2L or 2kg giving you 44 washes per bottle/box**

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