Sunday, 7 July 2013

30 weeks

The movement with my belly has been so different now from bubba. Rather then kicks they are hard big movements - sometimes a little painful like she's grinding her head into my stomach walls.
Sometimes I get a little worried with the pains and didn't sensations I feel and just worry with the worst in my head. Let me tell you, running to google is not the best thing to do, best to ask someone who has experienced it and is close to you. I run to my close family and best friend who tell me what I am really going through unlike google who give you the worst.... 
The other day I was feeling sick as with stabbing pain, gas like bubbles and heated sensation in my stomach - ran to google and read the worsts of what it was and was considering driving myself to hospital but thought I would check in with the best friend who has gone through it twice and she told me it was braxton hicks - gosh I was relieved. 

Belly Shot Update -

Progression Shot - 

I was also seeing a friend the other day whose Mum told me of some things that not even my own Mum had told me.. 
  1. After you've given birth they kind of pump your stomach to deliver the placenta!!
  2. Blood Clots galore come out the size of (in her words) 'dog shits' when you shower after. 
If she reads this she'll be laughing in her seat at me repeating it. Those things I am not looking forward to at all. 

We had our 30 weeks antenatal appointment yesterday and I only have 2kgs more that I can put on in the rest of my pregnancy before I can't go to Bacchus Marsh Hospital to give birth :( Only reason being is because the hospital is small and have a strict BMI that you must be under and because I have always been a bigger girl it's caught up with me - even after my hard work before pregnancy with my weight loss campaign I went on. 
It's a little upsetting to me as I wanted to go Bacchus Marsh but I guess it's off to either Ballarat or Sunshine Hospital now - even though Sunshine as a town have a bad reputation we shouldn't really form an opinion on anything without trying it yourself so Sunshine is where we have picked to have this bubba now and I know for all next pregnancies that if we are still within the area that Bacchus Marsh will definitely be where we are going but this soon to be Mumma will be a fit healthy Mumma next round. I miss my gym workouts really bad.. I can't wait to get back in there after baby has arrived. 

The maternity leave countdown is on - 5 weeks to go now!! Finish date from work is August 16th, sooooo excited. It's coming close now and is a good thing to know that baby will be here soon! 

Babies name is pretty much set in stone for Daniel & I now so everything seems to be coming together - and sorry all but we aren't sharing the name. You'll have to wait until babies here to know the name ;)

Our little darling girl was shown to us in 4D the other weekend. My gosh it was amazing!! Amazing experience completely!!! She has my islander nose and some even say my lips but I'm not 100% about the lips... I thought more Daniel's lips. 
The lady got me to turn onto my side and I always have my heads kind of under my head when I lay on my side and then all of a sudden our little girl mimics me completely and turns onto her side and the hands go under her head as well.... I think we have a pure mini me on our hands here!!!
My 2 favourite shots are below-


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