Monday, 24 March 2014

Byron Bay Chai Latte Cookies REVIEW

Australia's favourite Byron Bay cookies appeared at the 86th Academy Awards in Los Angeles with celebs taking them away in there goodie bags to munch on afterwards, much like myself now with the newest addition to their cookie family adding a gorgeous Chai Latte flavor! I'm sure there is plenty of you Chai Latte lovers out their and this is a MUST HAVE speciality you have to get your hands on!

Rich, smooth and comforting, the Chai latte has become a new staple of the Australian cafe scene, winning people over with delicate aromas and exotic appeal.

The Byron Bay Cookie Co has taken this widely loved cafe specialty and used it as inspiration for their all new Chai Latte Cookie – a fresh and completely unique flavour offering with all the hallmarks of a Byron Bay Cookie Co hit.

The Chai Latte Cookie is infused with Byron Bay Cookie Co’s own unique Chai spice blend including hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. Finished with irresistible chunks of creamy white chocolate, this cookie combines sweet and spice for a cookie temptation like no other. 

The Byron Bay Cookie Co is famous for creating innovative flavour profiles and the Chai Latte Cookie is one of their most creative and exciting combinations yet. The perfect addition to your morning coffee, the Chai Latte Cookie is the ultimate sweet treat that will add a touch of spice to your day!

I will admit I have never been a huge chai latte drinker - I love lattes though but chai just isn't always on my hot drink order.
For those of you who have never experienced what a Chai Latte it is made from a certain type of black tea which is spiced and strong - lots of flavour to it. To me Chai Latte is like a cinnamon flavoured tea. 

I love that Bryon Bay Cookies have come out with a Gluten Free cookie and a standard cookie which is rare to find in a lot of things.
I have a few close people around me that are on a Gluten Free diet and I just couldn't imagine having to check over everything and have a shopping trip taking double the amount of time. 
I have much admiration to the companies that come out with a standard and Gluten Free to make life easier for Gluten Free diets. 

The chai within the Chai Latte cookies is very strong as chai is, but with the addition of white chocolate chips within the biscuits is the sweet taste you're looking for to assist those taste buds. 
I think the combination of the white chocolate chips with chai is a fantastic mix and might have me onto something for when I have an actual Chai Latte now ;P 

I found that the standard Chai Latte cookie actually does this crumble melt in your mouth, where as the Gluten Free Chai Latte cookie stuck together more and had a crunchier texture to it. They are both equally as delicious though! 

The smell of the chai leaks out through the packet as will leave your mouth watering before you can even bite into it.

After trying out the Chai Latte cookies from Byron Bay I will be taking a look for the other flavours to try out. They have a gorgeous range which you can find out more about on their website below. 

RRP prices: Regular Chai Latte - $3.00 & Gluten Free Chai Latte -$3.50.

The Byron Bay Cookie Co Chai Latte Cookie is available in cafe cookie, individually wrapped cookies and gluten free wrapped cookies from February 2014 in cafes and speciality food stores across Australia and online via

Twitter: @ByronBayCookies
Instagram: @ByronBayCookies


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