Monday, 24 March 2014

Olay Fresh Effects Range

Deep clean, hydrate and refresh your skin with NEW Fresh Effects by Olay, the fun, fresh & vibrant skincare line designed to meet the 24/7 needs of the millennial generation from the world’s number one skincare brand, Olay.

Fresh Effects by Olay has been designed to help younger women (aged 18- 30) uncover the beautiful potential of their skin through delicious formulas powered up with natural ingredients that give you skin so fresh it needs #nofilter.

The Fresh Effects collection consists of six lightweight, oil-free products with citrus extracts that instantly awaken and refresh tired skin, and flower essences that hydrate and nourish skin throughout the day, to keep skin looking beautifully fresh and vibrant all day long. Our unique formulas provide lightweight 24 hour hydration and cleansing that removes 2x more dirt, oil and make up.

**RRP $16.99**

Completely compact little set that is great for travel and a little DIY beauty pamper at home.
This kit includes a mini 20ml Shine, Shine Go Away Shine Minimising Cleanser that you will use with the little electric operated brush.
The directions tell you to place the cleanser product onto the rubber bristles but I find it actually gets stuck, it is easily washed out though when running your fingers through it under water. But it makes me wonder how much of the product is actually going onto your face?

I found that it was best used with a pretty damp face and then placing the cleanser onto your face with your fingers and then run the brush over your face to provide a more deeper cleanse.
The little cleansing brush is battery run. It is waterproof but it is advised that it should not be submerged into water. It has an on and off push button on back which sends your little brush into a vibrating motion almost like a massage on your face.
I think for this cleansing brush I would have preferred a more soft brush bristles rather then rubber. 

**150ml for RRP $14.49**

I love exfoliating scrubs and always ensure I exfoliate daily on my face and for that it has paid off as I had a skin analysis who advised me that I'm going to age well and have good skin. After using many different exfoliating scrubs my preference is to have those big micro beads with the exfoliating scrub and this is something that Olay doesn't have.

Olay have small micro-beads that don't feel like they are getting in deep enough for a good scrub but it seems to be working a treat on my face and I'm getting the results I want. It's a very light feeling scrub and the cream is delicate on your skin.
I love that on the bottle of the exfoliating scrub it has a pictured panel line of what the product kind of resembles inside (apart from the strong blue colouring).

**150 ml for RRP $14.49**

The Olay Cleanser is silver and shiny in colour and a thick consistency.
This cleanser you only need small amount as it goes a long way. You can also use this on the cleanser brush by popping a little bit onto the brush and use upon face but as I said above the best way to use for me was to have a damp face and then rub the cream onto your skin yourself then run the cleanser brush over the top of it to give a deeper cleanse of the skin.

It was really surprising the scent on the fresh effects range - they do have a slight citrus smell that leaves you with the scent of a very fresh and clean person.
Overall I like the new packaging it brings the real 'fresh' to it.

{BB Cream} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF 15
**RRP- $16.99**

This BB Cream is one of the lightest and softest BB cream's I have ever had to play around with. It just soaks into your skin so well and leaves it smelling 'fresh' with it's beautiful light fragrance which is really hard to try and put your finger on to describe. 
Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream has a light tint within the cream that works as a very light and subtle cover up. I was sent out the Fair to Light which unfortunately made me look a little sick because it was too light for my face.

Having also put sunscreen within this BB cream makes for a great cover before heading to the beach or out to lunch in the sun and wanting a little makeup on. 


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