Thursday, 13 March 2014

Decor Baby Range - 7 piece feeding set REVIEW

This range is something you'll want to get your hands on as I didn't have any idea that decor had a baby range until now!

I love when I get to try out things when it comes to baby range as being a Mummy and playing with all Niah's gadgets are something that is a regular daily occurrence, so I couldn't think of anything better then reviewing things with my little girl and making her a huge part of my blogging passion. 

Niahbella is just over 6 months now but we have been feeding her solids since 3.5 months as we believed she was ready and which she was. 
The cost of buying ready made purees and such for Niah is becoming a costly expense and she's never getting fresh food. 

We had dramas with the multi processor we brought before Niahbella before she was born to make all her baby food and it's been a long process of trying to get it fixed. If it hadn't been for the decor baby range arriving and chatting with my mummy friends about how they went/go about making solids for their babies I probably would still be using the ready made foods for Niah - don't get me wrong though they are great for when you are on the go but if I'm at home there should be no excuse! 

I was sent the 7 piece feeding set - **RRP - $24.99**, (as pictured above) which contained:

  • Insulated Quad Cooler
  • Set of 4 RealSeal 125ml tubs
  • Mini Icewall freezer block
  • Soft touch feeding spoon

The first consumable we put into the little tub containers was pumpkin and I was really concerned that it might stain the containers after we just got them but we are stain free - very surprising! 

The little tub containers are 125ml each and got me about 500g of pureed pumpkin into 4 of them. 

The really good thing about these little tub containers is that you can freeze, cool, store, heat, eat & serve from the one container - good for mummies on the go as you only require that little tub container for everything! They have flip top push open lids that allow steam out and great for when cooling also. 

A problem for me was with this all in one multiple use container though is that I like to freeze the food mix and then take it out of the containers, placing the frozen food into a zip seal bag and then re-use the containers to make another batch of puree/solids so I can have a little store happening in my freezer. - but I found it a little hard to do with these little tub containers as I couldn't squeeze the containers to get the frozen block of food out. 
I wonder if they will release something like this in future so that you can easily pop the frozen block of food out?

I also found that when they were freezing the food that the lids would pop off a little in the corner (not completely come off). I don't know if this was because you are only meant to put in a certain amount though... 

I really love the colors selected for the baby range the soft colours really work well for the baby range. 
It's funny as I was all about keeping things neutral so I could re-use things for future babies but I have this thing for now having the pink girly colour (not that it can't be used for boys too though) for Niahbella!

The colourful range of insulated cooler bags are made from a durable wipe clean polyester fabric and feature the exclusive designed cute animal prints and zipper pulls. Adjustable webbing straps attach easily to your stroller or pram and the wipe clean liner is free of any nasties - BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. 

The little insulated quad cooler lunch bag was something that was very handy as I'm always so weary about having Niah's food containers and bottles running loose in my handbag - especially the price of some of the bags us mummies seem to have these days! 
In the pack you also get a freeze block which is fantastic for keeping food and bottles cold when you're out. 


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