Saturday, 15 March 2014

ELES Brighton Nail Collection

Aren't surprise packages that come in the mail the absolute best? I love getting mail - I'm still that little kid at heart who stalks the post man and waits at the window when I hear that postie bike or post truck coming. It maybe not the same as everyone but I am that person who knows the sounds of my postal couriers van! 

Are you eager keen to see whats in this big white box? Well I'll be sharing it with you below! 

ELES Brighton Nail Collection

ELES Cosmetics are a favourite of mine as we should all know by now from my other posts on ELES. Everyday I will use a product of ELES, they're just too good at what they do!

The Brighton Nail Collection is 12 gorgeous pastel shades that are inspired by the seaside huts lining Brighton Beach in the UK. 

I lived near a beach for nearly 4 years and it was just amazing, I miss it a lot and now that I am not there I am sad that I didn't take more time out to take advantage of the beautiful sights.  Where I live now is about a 50 minute drive to the closest beach and it's not one of the nice ones unfortunately. 
I love seeing all the beach huts and hopefully one day I'll own a beach hut - I would have it painted in a rainbow colour I think! Their was a rainbox one near where I lived and it was just stunning!! 

Here is the 12 shades featured on my nails - sorry for the messy job but I painted them freshly for these pictures and wanted to give the rainbow effect with a shade displayed on each finger nail. And mind the bad cuticles as well - this Mumma needs a manicure.. a pedicure also, ohh and a massage - getting a little side tracked now but beach talk gets me so relaxed and blown away with the fairies haha!

L to R: Royal Pavilion Red, Juicy Fruit, Lime Sorbet, Not A Cloud, Dip In The Sea

L to R: Peppermint Cream, Teal 'n' Wheel, Deckchair Blue, Berry Smoothie, Sunset On The Pier.

L to R: Coral Cafe & Peach Pebble

My favourite shades from the collection are the Berry Smoothie and Sunset On The Pier - apart from them being just stunning shades I seem to have this thing for purple right now!!
The Peppermint Cream is a divine shade also but I do believe that one of my younger sisters has nicked that already when she came over so luckily I got to put them on first before it vanished!

ELES Brighton Collection is at an affordable price for each colour - $15 a piece is a good price for gorgeous shades that are long lasting on your nails and are 5 free - don't get too excited as I don't mean you can have 5 free nail colours but do get excited for that when I say 5 free I am talking about it ELES Cosmetics proudly boast a '5 FREE' formula which is:
  • NO DBP
  • NO Toluene
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Formaldehyde Resin
  • NO Camphor
which are 5 toxic ingredients commonly found in nail polishes.

The ELES Brighton Collection is launched with the new colours of course, new bottle - which is more of a flat square shape, new brush - more flat, thicker and longer bristles and of course as I mentioned above at the new price of $15 per bottle. 


Get your hand on these babies:


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