Tuesday, 4 March 2014

REVIEW: Saviour Glass Screen Guardian + #smashscreenface giveaway!

The mobile phone is undeniably a consumer’s closest companion. We store our lives inside this shiny electronic object, so naturally we should do our best to protect it. The Saviour Glass Screen Guardian safeguards your phone without making your sleek companion look bulky or outdated.

It's time for me to introduce you to something that you NEED in your life!

I've personally never smashed my screen on my iPhone well on my own account that is (touch wood) it has always been in the hands of another whose done the damage of a dreaded shattered glass screen.

It honestly makes you think why do they make these phone glass when they break to easily?!
But there is one thing around to be your 'saviour', Saviour Glass is the thing we all need!

I wasn't game enough to bang at my phone with a hammer or throw it on the ground as they show in the video ad (below) but I did go over it with a key and results: SCRATCH-LESS! 
My old normal thin screen guard would constantly get scratch marks all over so I would end up having to change it every few months. 

Putting these screen guards on can be such a pain and you need a few shots to get it on to complete perfection sitting on the screen. I liked that Saviour Glass Screen Guardian was easy to peel straight back off and replace onto the phone without sticking and causing residue marks after pulling off and on to get it on correctly. 

Saviour Glass Screen Guardian are very thick compared to the other ones out on the market, which you can't tell by looking at the phone that the screen guardian is that thick until you touch the phone without the bubble button on or on handling with application. 

Saviour Glass features:
  • 9H super tough glass - protecting like nothing else! 
  • Anti-shater and anti-scratch
  • Excellent touch sensitivity
  • Advanced silicone adhesion for easy installation
  • Rounded edges prevents chipping
  • Compatible with most cases

In the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian pack you will receive 2x button stickers (they're like little bubble buttons and each pack comes with black & white buttons for your preference), alcohol prep pad, microfibre cleaning cloth and the glass screen guardian. 

Paying $39.95 for a Saviour Glass Screen Guardian instead of hundreds of dollars to replace or repair sounds like an awesome deal to me!

The Saviour Glass Screen Guardian is available at Big W and The Good Guys and retails at $39.95.

Saviour Glass are running an Instagram competition - asking Instagrammers to snap a selfie of their 'OH-NO Smash Screen Face' with the hashtag #smashscreenface to win a Saviour Glass for their phone.
But lucky for you guys reading this, that if you are to post this up onto your Instagram - I will be able to send you out one courtesy of the Saviour Glass Team; email me on nikitajtasi@gmail.com or tag me @njtblogger on your #smashscreenface post on instagram so I can make contact to get your address of where to send your Saviour Glass too!

**This product was sent out for my consideration. All opinions are my own. I was not paid to review this product. 


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