Sunday, 9 March 2014

Study Ready with Officeworks

'Officeworks encourage you to create a comfortable workspace that inspires great work and sets you up for your what will hopefully be your best year yet at Uni!
Officeworks offers stylish stationery perfect for students wanting products that look good and do the job.'

Officeworks has always been a place I like to shop at for any of my stationery needs and it also was the place I used to do all my coping and printing before I purchased my own printer for study purposes.
Being a full time mummy now all my studying is done through correspondence as I want to be with my little miss Niah as much as I can. Studying from home would have to be the hardest way to learn for me - I really need someone there to kick my butt and tell me to do work otherwise I get side tracked.

Something that encourages me to study is having organisation and a nice enticing setup for where I will spend endless hours busting my head with information so Officeworks sent me a little gift voucher to help get me study ready for 2014.

I was sent out a $50 voucher to help my desk space - I was tested to be able to spend just a $50 voucher and with me in a stationery store was like a kid in a candy store. I want everything and unfortunately couldn't stick to the $50 task and went a little... well a lot into my own pocket but I'm hoping this post will help you all in finding some good products to help you with your study space like they have for me.

I got:

  • 3M Neon Post-It Sticky notes pk.3 for $5.67
  • B2P Pens $3.19 each
  • Mesh pencil cup $5.46
  • Vertical file holder $13.50
  • Purple frames pk.3 for $4.99
  • Mixed tub all-sorts stationery favours $4.99
  • Clear case holder $5.14
  • Scotch 3M magic tape Stiletto Shoe dispenser $19.96
  • TOTAL = $62.90 for desk items.
(I also got a storage hard drive which was 2TB for $95 - so thats why I said 'a lot into my own pocket' above)
Photo feature products: 
vertical file holder, mixed stationery tub, neon post-its, mesh pencil cup, B2P pens and shoe magic tap dispenser. 

Everyone needs post-it notes and if you don't have them then I honestly ask you - where is your head at? Post-it notes are my saviour in the stationery world. Important notes not just for studying but for my every day life will get jotted down on them to remind me to do things as I am the worst at remembering things!

I love shoes and anyone who knows me on a good personal level will know that I have too many shoes for my own good. Sometimes I am that guilty person who buys shoes because they look nice and never wear them because 'they're too nice'.
I couldn't help myself when I saw this... $19.96 for it was expensive but I just had to have it! It suited me to a T.

Getting to mix and match a tub of 'all-sorts' stationery favours was a great little idea! I got quite a few things within my tub that will come in very good use (as pictured above).
You can get cute, bright and different pieces of erasers, clips, magnets etc to fill these tubs.

These photo frames I just couldn't go past! They are bright, bold and different! They are like a little box frame. 3 frames for $4.99 is a fantastic price although the pack I picked up had a chip in the glass and cracked frame.

Now this is something that I really loved finding in Officeworks and something that I am very supportive of! B2P pens (Bottle 2 Pen pens). Yes, they're recycled and made from plastic bottles!! Can you believe it? When I saw these I actually brought quite a few because I loved the concept of them and how they are helping the recycle and are refillable with ink!

Upon my shop through Officeworks they had walls dedicated to a colour coded assistance of supplies!
They are always so well stocked, easy to access products and clean. The only floor I could spot in my local store was that they aren't so pram friendly when they put their middle attraction products out for display.

At such affordable prices - why would you need to shop anywhere else?

Officeworks have even hooked me up with another $50 giftcard to giveaway to a lucky reader/follower - 
All you need to is fill in entry form below!

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Giveaway ends 24th March at midnight!

**$50 voucher supplied by Officeworks. All opinions are my own and I was not advised what to write within this feature.


  1. My most prized stationery piece is the common 'pen holder' cup, which is actually a cup I scored from the original Aussie Bloggers Conference :)

  2. I tend to get addicted to really nice pens, anything with a fine tip and gel ink has me hooked!

  3. Might be a bit boring but pens! Good quality pens that have the right tip size are great.

  4. My favourite is a whiteboard & its marker.It is very useful for writing lists and teaching alphabets to little ones.

  5. My most prized stationary is my trusty Winnie the Pooh plastic folder - I have been using it since I was in high school, uni, work days and now my mummyhood days and except a little tear on the side, it still serves its purpose!!!!

  6. I adore my vintage Hansen boy band School folder. This piece of vintage goodness will always carry my bills and budget

  7. My pen collection!!! love my pens ;) thanks! Monique

  8. My most prized stationary is a paperweight made by my son. A pet rock with a note saying 'My Daddy rocks'

  9. The paper weight made by my son at school sits with pride on my office desk. It has jewels and shells placed on the top, so not only looks great but it is so very handy in keeping my papers from flying away when the fan is on

  10. I'm a stationery junkie! I just can't get enough. I think I would miss my pens and highlighters most though so I'd have to say they're my favourite.

  11. I love my sharpener great for me pencils and use it for my eyeliner too

  12. I am a pen junkie!! So I think it goes without saying my hand selected and quality tested pen collection.

  13. My whiteout as i make a lot of (boo boo) mistakes!

  14. A pen I bought from the NYC Public Library.
    - Ben T


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