Thursday, 27 March 2014

ORLY Nail Lacquer 'Lift The Veil' and 'Gilded Coral' Review

This was my first time using ORLY nail lacquer and let me tell you this has been a real GEM on them nails and I am now proud to call my favourite nail polish brand!

So let me get right into it and tell you why I have given ORLY the title of my favourite nail lacquer brand - 

VALUE -For the price you pay for each nail lacquer shade it is totally worth it! Once you try ORLY you seriously will not shop for anything other then this gorgeous brand! 

LONG LASTING - ORLY nail lacquer gave me at least a week and half if not more of perfect nails without chipping and ruining, for a Mummy that is soooo rare! Our nails go through so much whilst being a Mummy and most times I think to myself what is the point of even doing my nails when they'll ruin in a day or two but ORLY changes that thinking completely!

EXACTLY WHAT YOU LOOK FOR - We all look for gorgeous beautiful solid colours (with the exception of few applications over the nails), value for your money and for it to be long lasting and that's ORLY!

I honestly couldn't recommend you any better brand then ORLY right now. 

I tried out shades 'Lift The Veil' and 'Gilded Coral' as pictured above.

Lift The Veil is a very delicate light baby pink that as its name would be great for a wedding. I have always been a fan of the light pinks and this is definitely on the top list for my favourite pink nail lacquers. For application I went over with 2 coats before I had a strong colour shade. 

Gilded Coral is this shimmery pinky goldy colour that is really cute. First off it will start as more pinky gold but then as it sets in it will look more goldy then anything else. 
I needed about 3-4 coats on before I could get a good solid colour for the shade. 

ORLY nail lacquers glided on smoothly and actually didn't give off that strong chemical like smell when you open up the bottle which is something I majorly approve off being that my little girl is around. 

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