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REVIEW: Colour Theory Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Brow Liner, Mascara, Eye Pencil & Nail Polish

Razzle Dazzle (Red) lipstick - **RRP $6**
Colour Theory offers a range of moisturising lipsticks that hydrate lips making them feel silky soft. The formula features a creamy, comfortable texture with just the right amount of colour and moisture!

I really loved the gorgeous clear packaging on the lipstick - I really like that you can see the shade of colour without having to open the lipstick up. 
There was a couple of stickers on the actual tub after peeling off the plastic but they peeled off so easily without leaving marks which I was quite impressed with because usually stickers on products are a pain to remove without struggle!

I did notice there was a lot of lipstick that you wouldn't be able to spread on easily to your lips from where they cut off the stick into the bottom tube which was a little disappointing. I think all lipsticks might be like this but you obviously just can't see them as you do with Colour Theory's packaging.

We all know that I am not much of a lipstick person and as much as I would love to rock out those red lips that are ever so fashionable and to die for I just can't find a red that matches me and doesn't make me feel like Ronald McDonald with his big red clown lips but I think I may have found it with Colour Theory! What do you guys think? A good match to my skin tone? I think so! 

I was very surprised when I application this lipstick onto my lips as it was so moisturising and felt like I was applying lip gloss. After application it left a lipgloss feeling as well and really didn't feel like I had a lippy on!

Also surprisingly for a red lippy this lipstick come off without huge stains which is most common for these strong bold colours!

Eye Shadow Duo - Ying and Yang - **RRP $6**
White Shimmer - 2.7g & Black - 1.5g
Define and brighten your eyes with Colour Theory eye shadows and create a professional eye catching look. The silky formula is easy to apply so you can build colour as desired.
A little goes a long way due to the high colour pigmentation.

I love using light shimmers in the inner corners of my eyes to make them stand out
Black isn't too much of my color but I used for the outter corners and blended into about mid crease area which gave off the nice smoky eye look which is always craved!

I recommend the use of a padded eyeshadow applicator instead of an eyeshadow brush as it doesn't give off much effect and I find that it doesn't really stick much to the brush and give the look you are wanting. 

Something I would have liked to have in this duo would definitely be the padded eyeshadow applicators to make this product very compact. 

Brow Liner 'Take a Brow' - **RRP $6**
Shape and define uneven or fine eyebrows with this fine tip Brow Liner in brown. This perfect colour suits most hair colours.
‘Take a Brow’ brow liner goes on smooth to achieve a natural, filled in brow that makes all the difference when it comes to completing your look. The precise fine tip applicator makes it really easy to use too!

You may know that brows for me have just become added to my list of daily make-up routine and I've only used powder and a pencil so far so using the Colour Theory Brow Liner was something completely different and I don't actually see to much of these types out on the market (unless it's just me not looking properly). Colour Theory's Brow Liner was this wet liquid type liner, it was almost like a felt like tip. The tip doesn't separate at all into bristles, it is a solid and stays together with no messy streaky lines everywhere. 

This colour was a little lighter then my eyebrows so on the ends of my eyebrows it stood out a bit so I only put this liner in the top part to my arch in my brows. It is a good filler to do your brows and certainly made my brows look fuller with no hair strands here and their. 

I really liked how easily it came out as well compared to using powder when it was time to head to bed and wipe off my face. 

Mascara Plump - **RRP $8**
Each of our Colour Theory mascaras are the perfect balance between the ideal brush shape and the texture of the formula.
Fatten your flutter with this lash-plumping formula for bat-worth volume and glamour!

This mascara I was most impressed with, it does a fantastic job like the high end brands but without the price tag! $8 for a mascara is amazing but for an $8 mascara to do a good job is just phenomenal.
There was no clumps or spider webbed eyes. It was more of an individual lash defier and more lashes effect.

When pulling out the wand from the mascara tube it was completely perfect looking - there was no huge clumps of mascara stuck onto the brush. It was just an even spread amount around the whole wand brush which I really liked. 
It has a thick 'plump' tube which makes it easy to grab onto for application.

Colour Theory's mascara has definitely won me over and I would very much like to try out there other designed mascaras.

Eye Pencil (Emerald & Charcoal) - **RRP $4 each**
Colour Theory eye pencils have been made to be not too hard, not too soft, with just enough colour pigment. Formulated with moisturising ingredients for a super smooth application.
Very versatile – so you can have a precise and defined line or smudged for a smokey look.

(Emerald) I never use coloured eye pencils it has always been just black for this girl and Colour Theory has really opened my eyes to the coloured eyeliner world - I adored this emerald colour, it was a velvety rich colour! It was still more of the dark colour so this is the perfect shade for me to use that will ease me into colours.

(Charcoal) I'll always put a bit of a dark bold colour eyeliner underneath my eyes to about mid way and then smudge it a little. This charcoal shade worked as a good colour to be able to not really need to much of a smudge and was fine on first application for the look I like.

The pencils are a nice and soft texture make so it's very delicate on your eyes and not scratchy like others.

 Nail polish - **RRP $4 each**
The perfect nail shade is your best accessory this season. But who has $20 to spend on each trend setting shade? That’s why Colour Theory’s nail polish is a dream come true at $4 each!
Fast drying and long lasting, your manicure will outlast even the toughest chores and come out vibrant and shiny with our premium, two coat polish leaving you with super glossy nails.
Your nails have never looked so good!

FLAMINGO ( light fluro pink)

COBALT STRIKE (shimmery blue)

PURPLE RAIN (pascal light purple)

I was amazed at how fast drying these nail polishes were! It was nothing like I have experienced, seen or heard of before. It was like a minute of wait time before bam, dry nails!
This would be the perfect nail polish for those mummies like myself out there that just don't have the time to wait 10 minutes or so with a baby to wait for them nails to dry.

The colours were pretty solid and you only needed a second application coat to ensure you didn't miss spots within your nail. 

**This product was sent out for my consideration. All opinions are my own. I was not paid to review this product. 

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