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Brand Focus: Quest Bars Review

Let's start with WHY? Why Quest Bars?
Low Carb, High Protein, High fibre - has that got you? It should have because most of us are looking for that exact label, well anyone looking to lose weight like myself mostly will be looking for those specific things on anything. Quest Bars are true to their claim of being low carb with around 5g if not under in carbs and having an around abouts 20g protein intake.
These bars I would say are a bar that are more for those who are looking to lose weight or maintain weight. If you are looking to gain mass then the carb content isn't really what you would be looking for in a protein bar.
Quest Bars have tried to include as many natural ingredients as possible which is something I applaud them for because that's truly a reason why they are so delicious!!

Quest Bars are out of the usual standard protein bar flavours of your chocolate, vanilla, cookies and creme etc they have peanut butter and jelly, coconut cashew, peanut butter cups all those wicked flavors that make you pick up one of those bars or more because they offer you sooooo much more variety and are your favour meals made healthy and packed into a delicious protein bar!
No other brand I know out there has as many protein bar flavor range as big as Quest Bars and talk about gourmet, fine dining flavours!

We love Quest Bars in this household, even the baby hands snatching in the top (no, we don't give her any of them though
Convenient for on the go, chuck spares into your gym bag for a quick fix after gym or a snack to get you through until the next main meal! 

Quest Bars not only can be consumed as they are but they can also be baked! Mmmm now we're talking! My favourite to bake in the oven was no other then Chocolate Brownie because they truly were like having those really bad but oh so mouthwatering deliciously tasting homemade brownies!

I cut mine up into 10 pieces and then placed into cupcake tray on 160 degrees (fan forced oven) for about 8 mins and they were nice and crunchy, the way I like them! But obviously it differs on everyones taste and I think the usual is about 5 minutes that most leave their Quest Bars in the oven for. 

The finished baked Quest Bars - perfect mini sizes!

I added some of my homemade protein icing on top of the Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar and it honestly felt like I was in chocolate heaven in my mouth - was soooo delicious!!

Another one I liked to bake in the oven was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar - I cut this one into 12 pieces and baked on a tray again at 160 degrees (fan forced oven) for 8 mins. Next time I'll be smashing the bar down to make the little cut up pieces flat to have proper looking mini cookie shapes.

Post workout protein and hydration!

I've been hashtagging and following other health concious minded people and have been literally drooling at the screen! What people come up with is amazing! I saw someone bake a Double Choc Chunk bar in a sweet potato - that's one to try on my list! Unfortunately Double Choc Chunk was the first bar I devoured after a gym workout when my care package arrived from the Quest Team overseas. 

Another post workout protein and hydration quick fix.
I love protein bars for the fact it is your quick fix but it's also not having constant shakes - taking your thermogenics, preworkout, health drinks etc becomes alot throughout the day - yes, you get your water intake done easily through all the shakes but sometimes you just want something different and to be able to chew and have food that you can spend time enjoying with each bite!

I always thought that the Chocolate Peanut Butter was my favourite Quest Bar to eat as it comes but there is a new dubbed favourite for me... Vanilla Almond Crunch - gah this one is froth in your mouth, complete drool factor!
For those looking to try out which flavour they like best Quest Bars have a sampler box which has almost all the flavours for you to dig into.

I did find that the Quest Bars really hit that sweet tooth of mine and when I was craving a sweetie that I would take a little bit off the bar and I'ld be fine. I could never eat a full bar though (unless it was a baked Chocolate Brownie one haha) as it was just much.
During the afternoons when that sweet tooth came out it was good to have one of the Peanut Butter cups with a hot tea - I sound like a bit of a Nanna here but it was just the perfect kick!

Quest Bars can be purchased on their website at $2.39 per bar or in box bulk buy for around $24.99.
Quest Bars can also be found at health food and supplement shops as well as some online retailers with the general price of $4 per bar. Very reasonably priced compared to competitors on the market who can charge anywhere from $5 upwards and they don't taste as half as good as Quest Bars!

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  1. Wow, these sound so delicious! Great review, definitely had me drooling :D

    1. Thanks lovely. I am still sneaking into the container of them from yesterday. They are delicious!! The best things ever!

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