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EHPLabs - Acetyl L-Carnitine on Shred Stack Review

Another one that isn't something of the unfamiliar for me is Acetyl L-Carnitine! This baby has always been my sidekick when it comes to training.
Acetyl L-Carnitine helps to aid in the movement of fat stores. Now in my goal to lose weight this is right on the mark and exactly what I need!

My first thought on opening Acetyl L-Carnitine was probably the best yet from any supplement or amino acid company - this was filled right to the brim of that container it came in! Now this is massive kudos and every company who makes these sorts of supplement aids needs to be following in the footsteps of EHPLabs. You definitely want your monies worth as these products are quite a sting on the pocket.

EHPLabs Acetyl L-Carnitine is probably the sourest I've tasted but that's more of a good thing compared to the others I have had before, the reason for the sourness of the product is because it is a 100% pure pharmaceutical grade quality. I would describe the scent of the Acetyl L-Carnitine smelling like bicarb soda or vinegar.
Other L-Carnitine's taste really fishy to me so it was such a better change to not be so turned off by the product after opening the lid and better on the breath also!

SHRED STACK - Oxyshred in Kiwi Strawberry & Acetyl L-Carnitine
I chuck 3 micro scoops into my Oxyshred shake daily - straight in the morning to get yourself going and kick start your day for optimum results. This also takes away some of the sourness of the Acetyl L-Carntine and makes into a flavored stack.
The reason why you add in the Acetyl L-Carnitine to your Oxyshred is to create the 'Shred Stack' effect which gets your body into a high level of fat burning (hyper-lyposis). 

The micro scoop is very 'micro'.

When I wake up in the morning it's never on my own accord, it's by my little darling Niah screaming Mum or letting out little cries to say 'Mum, I'm awake now and would like to get out of my cot for breakfast and have a play' so as you can imagine I'm still half asleep upon getting up.
Niah & I head into the kitchen and it's a 1 scoop Oxyshred & 3 micro scoops Acetyl L-Carnitine and after waiting 20mins it's time for breakfast. There is definitely a clean out of your system from the products in the morning and then after doing such little work in the morning I am already heated and can feel my body temperature rising.

I have been taking Oxyshred and Acetyl L-Carnitine as a stack now for coming onto 3 weeks now and I thought I'ld give myself a test on how I would go by having a few days off of training and supplements and then go again.
Let me tell you the workout of going back in when I hit the gym within the first 10 mins felt like I'ld had been there for a good few hours workout already. By the end of my workout it was saturated wet clothing, reddest face ever and heavy breathing - which is exactly the explosive workout I want when trying to lose weight! 

I shower all the time at the gym now as I can't wait to be able to shower at home. My body needs that fast cool down after a workout and not to mention sweaty galore needs to be gone! 
The smallest of workouts really do show that the product works as it makes you feel like you've been there for ages working out as I said above. 

Oxyshred is used twice a day when you are training and can also be used as a pick me up when feeling flat in the afternoons. I usually have my second dose around 4pm so I am actually motivated to get into the kitchen and cook for dinner always I'm usually lazing on the couch hoping some magic dinner fairy will arrive to play Chef for us. 
Oxyshred does up lift you if you are feeling flat and give you a bit of a boost to waken you up. 

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  1. This was a great read thank you. I just got mine today so I am going to try it before my work out. Has there been any update or side effects you have noticed yet?

  2. Do you use the same 10oz of water that the oxyshred asks for? Or 20oz since the acetyl l-carnitine also asks for 10?

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