Monday, 9 June 2014

Playgro - Play and Learn Ball Review

Play and Learn Ball - RRP $13*

The Play and Learn Ball is full of rolling, tumbling fun! It features a unique plastic cylinder with rattling balls inside, sure to delight baby and provide auditory stimulation. A variety of hard and soft surfaces and vibrant colours will engage baby's senses, whilst the mirror is great for helping baby to learn about reflections and assists develop self-awareness skills.

  • Rattle sound for auditory stimulation.
  • Different textures for tactile development.
  • Teething beads soothe sore gums.

The Play and Learn Ball is a very eye catching toy filled with lots of bright bold colours, again this is what appeals to children and will draw them in. 
The Play and Learn Ball is this sphere circular shaped toy that has abacus like bead holders with a mixture of different texture and colour bead like parts on it, within the middle of the Play and Learn Ball is an hour glass like shape with black and white balls that make noise when tipped from either side. A mirror is placed at one end of the Play and Learn Ball allowing the bub to 'check themselves out'.

What I loved most about the Play and Learn Ball was that Niah hasn't grasped the development stage of knowing that you can turn the toy around to get to the other side of it - in this case the beads on the other side. 
Niah would put her hand inside the bars on the ball to get to what was on the other side or at the bottom of the ball. 

The Play and Learn Ball is a toy that makes the babies almost look stumped but highly intrigued at the same time. 
Niah would spend quite a bit of time looking and touching all the bits and pieces that the Play and Learn Ball has. 

It was definitely the most interesting toy to watch Niah play with, out of all of the Playgro toys sent to me.

This is probably the only toy that still to this day I haven't actually seen Niah pick this one up to put in her mouth, maybe she knows it's too large to try and even attempt.

I don't think Niah has quite found the mirror either and looked at herself as she is just too fixated on everything else that is going on with this toy but I am sure when she figures it out and sees herself then she will never let go off the Play and Learn Ball as she loves looking at herself in our bathroom mirrors.

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*RRP was taken from My Baby Warehouse website as of June, 2014.

I am a Playgro Official Toy Tester, these products were sent out to me for reviewal and all opinions are my honest own thoughts.


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