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Playgro - Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly Review

Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly - RRP $25*

No strings, no ties. Simply wrap this plush flower stalk around any stroller bar or crib rail for loads of exploring and fun. Featuring teethers, crinkle noise, a rattle, squeaker, textured fabrics and a musical clip, this Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly is blooming with interactive fun sure to keep little ones entertained for hours.

  • Easily wraps around stroller bar or side of cot.
  • Textured teether to soothe sore gums.
  • Crinkle, rattle and squeaker sounds for auditory stimulation.

As you will have also noticed Mummy is losing her post baby body and Niah gets taken along in the pram when it comes to morning walks. Although we had toys hanging off the pram already we didn't have something like the Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly for the pram belly bar  that was right in front of her with easy accessibility instead of having them hanging from the sides of the pram where Niah struggled to play with them without having to turn herself on an angle or accidentally letting go of them and losing them.  

Niah can now be entertained with her own toys instead of having to suck on Mummy's phone and pretend to be on social media like Mum.

I think Niah got a little protective of her new belly bar toys as she would fall asleep holding onto the toys that dangle off the twirly whirly. 

The Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly is bright, colourful and offers a variety of toys for bubs to play with and lasts for ages whilst being in front of them. 
Niah loved the leaf that has a crinkly part to it but then also like an outlined gummy part that she would love to chew on through her teething days. 

(Photo above taken from Playgro website )
Being that in the pram when we are out if Niah is asleep or we are trying to put her to sleep the hood cover will be all the way down and we can't really see much of her unless we bend down to look in but with the dangling rattle toys we certainly know when she is awake as that's the first thing she grabs to alarm us she is up!

Miss Niah was very attached to her Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly that it's actually been in the house with us for the past few days so she can play with on the mat. 

I'm really happy with the quality of the Amazing Garden Twirly Whirly - it's really easy to clean and with a big tug and pulling it this way and that way as younger children do it hasn't started to come apart anywhere. 

The only thing I could probably point out as a downside is that I do wish there was stronger wires inside the twirly whirly so that it would stay nicely wrapped around the belly bar. I found that the sunflower heads were a little to hard to keep standing up and would flop down.

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*RRP sourced from Big W website as of June, 2014.

I am a Playgro Official Toy Tester, these products were sent out to me for reviewal and all opinions are my honest own thoughts.


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