Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Scholastic Australia Books - June Edition

I have read stories to Niahbella ever since she was born and I think it is such an important part of her learning and development to be reading to her, not only that but it creates such a special moment each night as we read to our little darl. 

We are starting to grow our book collection thanks to Scholastic who will be sending out to us some books each month to be able to share not only together in this household but with all of my readers and give you some insight into the newest books released. 

For June reads we have:

Boa's Bad Birthday RRP $14.99

Everyone loves birthdays and parties. Boa's Bad Birthday brings about a snakes birthday story of how hard it was for Boa's friends to buy him a present for his birthday and ends with the perfect present finally being gifted to him.

Boa's Bad Birthday is a book suited from early age to an early school aged child.

Big Book of Aussie Dinosaurs RRP $16.99

This book was filled with so many different fun facts; that really described what the specific dinosaur would eat and do in its lifetime. It was filled with lots of colourful pictures and what I most loved was the Aussie Dinosaur Gallery which allows the kids to see a cartoon image of the specific dinosaur, have an easy pronunciation guide for the dinosaur names and the meaning behind the name.

Big Book of Aussie Dinosaurs would be a book suitable for an age group of kinder kids and beyond.
Poppy Cat RRP $24.99

This is beautiful book about Poppy the cat who likes to mimic her owner and be a real 'copy cat'.
Poppy Cat was one of our favourites as it was a good simple quick read which is what we usually enjoy before bedtime.
Poppy Cat would be a good read for a child who is starting out reading as it has very little words in it.

Poppy Cat would be an all rounder aged book I think.

Imagine A City RRP $24.99

A good read to get those minds drifted off into the land of imagination as a Mother and her two children set off into a city of imagination. 
A stunning black and white book that has very detailed pictures that are so life like you are almost sucked into the book and feel as if you are there in that moment. 
Imagine A City has very little words and really leaves your imagination at play, this would also be a fantastic read for those children who are starting to read as well. 

Imagine A City would be a suitable book for pre-kinder to early school kids.

Daddy & daughter afternoon reads with Boa's Bad Birthday

A great way to get the kids really into there reading is by giving them an item that reflects what is in the book reading. Here we gave Niah a little dinosaur (lochness monster really) and we related them back to the pictures within Big Book of Aussie Dinosaurs.

Can't wait to share with you the July reads! Stay posted. 


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