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Brand Focus: Slim Secrets REVIEW

I was kindly, very kindly sent a stack of supplies from Slim Secrets to enjoy through my health and fitness lifestyle change and I have found a lot of new lovings that I wish to continue having within my journey thanks to Slim Secrets.

I am going to select out my top favs from the Slim Secret range that I was sent and give you an insight into these delicious pieces!

Low Carb Choc Mint Chip Fit Balls
Are you rolling out of bed for those early morning workouts? Pack these mini bite-sized pocket rockets in your gym bag and put the bounce back in your step! Perfect for on-the-go pre or post-workout snacks or as a balanced snack between meals.

I love anything choc mint and having to erase all those chocolate bars and ice creams from my diet - well not completely but in moderation I was able to replace the missing love of my life with the fit balls! They are just amazing, eye balls were literally rolling in the back of my head with each bite of these!
I don't really eat many protein balls because they just are filled with loads of protein powders and to be honest taste horrible because of everything they try to cram in their that are 'good' but Slim Secrets have the Low Carb Choc Mint Chip Fit Balls soooo right when it comes to their recipe for these.
The mint chips are literally chips of pure mint scattered throughout the balls.
Being about a 20 cent piece in size and about 5 to a serving pack they are the perfect snack size.
I really enjoyed having these as my post workout treat after gym as they were just the right amount of what I needed to put back into my body especially with some coconut water!

Key Highlights for Low Carb Choc Mint Chip Fit Balls:
  • High protein (16g* per serve)
  • High fibre
  • Low carb (1.9g* per serve)
  • Low sugar
  • Wheat free
  • Contain chia

Daily Fibre Power Bar
Pump a healthy dose of daily fibre into your day! Forget dry and flavourless snacks, nibble on a Daily Fibre Power snack bar to buy you time before the next meal hits the table. It gently helps to keep things moving smoothly (if you know what I mean), with loads of wholesome seeds and ingredients, including psyllium husks.

As I said to Slim Secrets directly on social media - this is by far my favourite bar of theirs! I love foods that are as close to their raw natural self and this is what it basically is! Packed with an amazing nut and seed mix - goji berry, chia seeds and sunflower seeds just to name a few of the delectable ingredients of this bar! 
Again this was a bar that I liked having post-workout but also worked out as a great morning tea or afternoon tea snack and especially a good one for on the go, to grab out the cupboard and away you go.

Key Highlights for Daily Fibre Power Bar:
  • Over 7g of fibre serve*
  • Over 5g protein per 40g serve
  • Gluten free
  • 54% seeds and grain mix
  • A delicious, wholesome and convenient way to get your fibre!
  • Designed to satisfy your hunger for longer

Low Carb Fit & Fab Mini Protein Bar in Creme Caramel
"From drab to fab!
Team up with your best buddy and make exercise fun.
You will be feeling fit and fabulous in no time!

Creme Caramel Fit & Fab bar was like biting into a piece of fudge! It was so smooth going down and was a good caramel taste. When companies are putting protein into their products they seem to completely destroy the original taste of what they were going for but once again Slim Secrets have succeeded in having such scrumptious tasting products!
I loved having my mini protein bars after gym to pop that protein straight back in for a good recovery hit. An afternoon snack with a cup of hot green tea goes down a complete treat with this one!

(Sorry for no picture of the actual product but I ate it without taking pictures - that's how good it was!)

Key Highlights for Low Carb Fit & Fab Mini Protein Bar:
  • Below 1g sugar per serve*
  • 9.3g protein per 28g serve*
  • Only 1g of Carbohydrates per 28g serve*
  • Wheat Free
* Figures are rounded to the nearest whole value.

To find out more about the Slim Secrets products above or more on their range visit:


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