Sunday, 1 June 2014

Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup Review

Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Soft Spout Sippy Cup
RRP $29.99

Till the day 'Foogo' arrived in our house I was constantly cursing the sippy cup we currently had for Niahbella; as it would saturate her when she was drinking from it and not to mention the leaks we would get from the spout even when it wasn't meant too, my bag and items within the bag would always be wet when Niah's old sippy cup went in there. 
'Foogo' has now replaced the sippy cup and we can't be anymore thankful!
I think its imperative for us to have a leak proof sippy cup, I like to be able to put Niah's sippy cup on the floor in her play area so she can come and go to have a drink when she likes and having the Foogo was just so much better for us as we didn't come back to massive wet patches on the rug. 

Ever since Niahbella was little she has always had cold water so for us it was hard to keep the water cool when we were out on long trips and also on those summer hot days. Thermos have a specially designed vacuum insulated technology within the sippy cup, which caters to the contents staying cool for longer (up to 6hours it has said).

Foogo sippy cups hold 200ml of water and comes in two (2) different colours to suit the little girls and boys - blue and yellow & pink and purple. They are very stylish looking with the two toned colours and then the stainless steel interior and exterior. 

The Foogo sippy cup has handles that are just placed over the cup for and then lid placed on to stay put. These handles do come off which is what I find myself having to take off as it doesn't sit within our cup holder that I have on the pram when we are out for walks. 
Niahbella really surprised me with this sippy cup as she could easily hold it with one hand to drink herself, either that or she has some strong muscles coming along haha!

Niah is a repeat offender of throwing her sippy cup down from her high chair when she has had enough and we love that Foogo is stainless steel - unbreakable and doesn't easily get cracked or split and started a slow leak of water.
Foogo is very easy to clean and doesn't have those little nooks and curvatures that make it hard to clean, Foogo can easily be done with a quick wipe over of a cloth in between uses throughout the day before you chuck Foogo into the dishwasher overnight - yes, that's right - Foogo is dishwasher safe!

Hands down this is a fantastic product that I highly recommend to any family that has a baby who will drink unaided by themselves now and at an affordable price for something you know will last you a very, very long time with standing the bashing about from a bubba and as time passes whilst they grow.

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